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Thursday, April 13, 2006

André Carrilho

We all know these waylaying cartoonists which are hanging around all the popular sights of the world, waiting for hapless tourists to lure them into getting painted with ridiculously funny grimaces, jaws as wide as the ocean and noses that would put Cleopatra into a fit of jealousy.

Now, Portuguese designer André Carrilho's portraits have an uncanny resemblance with these kind of cartoons, yet I have to admit I do like the freshness, elegance and wit of his style. They look a bit as if Francis Bacon did a stint on the tourist trails round Montmartre, albeit with a silk screen printer at hand. (As it happens, Carrilho has indeed done a portrait of Bacon.)

He does have an impressive pedigree already, as his illustrations have appeared in the New York Times, the Observer, and the Independent, amongst others. But it's probably could to know that should all else fail, there's always the streets of Paris or Rome to go to.