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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Week 58 - Even More Celebrities, London and Loa

Julie London not only sung about the joy of smoking she also – sure, as hell – knew how to let it all out as she proves in this little studio chat. You might not believe us, after hearing this track, that Loa Falkman is a well known and fine Swedish opera singer and actor. When he grabbles with popular music however everything perpetuating to good judgement and insight just seem to flee faster than Bugs Bunny. The truly horrendous butchering of this soul classic comes from his even more horrendous album Symfonin (Little Big Apple Music, 1990).

09. Julie London – The Marlboro Song
10. Julie London – Chatting away while recording The Man I Love
11. Loa Falkman – When A Man Loves A Woman

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