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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

del.icio.us / SteveMartin

"Leslie Nielsen
Sometimes people mistake him for me and me for him.
leslieneilsen movies biography mistakenidentity ... on 2005-08-22 ... copy this item

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Sometimes at night I look up at the sky and wonder, "Are we all just figments of Chris Rock's imagination?"
astronomy sky pictures daily ... and 633 other people ... on 2005-08-22 ... copy this item"

Steve Martin's del.icio.us account! What do you say about that! Fake or real - I'm subscribed! (via del.icio.us /inbox /eversion)

40s horror radio show time!

13 different radio shows featuring Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Peter Lorre and Vincent Price strutting their stuff, and as an added bonus, two of them feature that other notable horror actor from the same period ( 1930's, 40's & 50's) , John Carradine.
Datajunkie's midnight treat.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Billy May's Cha-cha

HepCat Willy is back from the summer break: "... Have you ever found yourself asking, "Just whatever happened to Billy May, anyway"? Why, there he is, staggering after the siren-clad maidens at the Tower! Senor May kicks up the hot cha-cha tempos of old standards, and darned if it isn't a good time for one and all! ..."
Billy May's Cha-cha

The battle of Holy Divah!

Ok, so this post at Bomarr Blog got me going.

Dio - Holy Diver (mp3)
Pat Boone - Holy Diver (mp3)
So, there you had the original headbanger and it's big band follower.
Now, let's settle this once and for all!

Which Holy Diver is the greatest?

Take My Poll

Updated (18:10 CET): Wow, this sure is a hard battle between two strong competitors! I'm sweating all over with excitement!
9-9 at the moment. So the battle goes on - cast your votes! And as we all know by now: "Between the velvet lies - There's a truth that's hard as steel".

Updated (1st of September): Poll is now closed. The winner has been announced.


NSFW! Indian Wrestling. (via pinupgirls)

Monday, August 29, 2005


Lalo Schifrin - Mannix is the Album of the week at Basic Hip Digital Oddio. Themes from the original score of the Paramount television show.
mrdantefontana loves Schifrin (and this album is no exception!!).

Take Notice

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Marieke van Ditshuizen

A professional autodidact illustrator based in Amsterdam



Jungle Echoes by Chaino is available at Tiki-Tim's Exotica Lounge. African Percussion Safari -Bongo Fever!!!
More about Chaino here.

the Percy Trout hour

Super-Fizz Sugar-Pop
From All Over the Globe.
From the 1950's to the Present Day.

Monday, August 29, 2005
8pm to 10pm (Eastern Standard Time, USA)


Sebastián Kramer

I recieved a mail a few days ago from Sebastián Kramer (I like some parts of that name very much!), an Argentinian, who tells me that he was guitarist of a group named Jaime Without Earth between 1996 and 2001.
Haven't heard about them - but it looks like they recorded 3 albums (CD:s).
Now he is going solo with the album: 'La Futura Mirada Del Ex Tenista'. It is available for download at his blog (check the side bar).
I don't know for sure but the music reminds me a little about Sonic Youth and a little about Lou Barlow (Sebadoh) and a little about other bands related to these.
Years ago I consumed music like this, loved and cherished it as something equally important as the air I breathed.
Nowadays I don't feel much at all.
But if you like the kind of dreamlike pop surrounded by barbed wire guitars this should be a pretty nice experience.
If you like it you can actually download the cover art as well.
Free music - we love!

Stars That Shine Darkly

"Monte Hall would have made a good salesman at Sun Ra’s post-gig merch table. The two albums I’ve uploaded for this post were purchased after a mid-1980s Arkestra show. As with all the other records for sale that night, the vinyl was packaged in plain, unmarked black sleeves. The only way of distinguishing one title from another was to remove the record and hope that at least one side had a label glued on. Many did not. If the gentleman handling the cash was asked what was what, he’d laugh and assure the potential buyer that it was all good music, it was all Sun Ra.
So I took a shot on these two, since they each had a hand cut and glued center hole label on one side, and the labels were different. All I knew was that one record had a Hiroshima label, and the other had a Stars That Shine Darkly label. ...
... It was also from Campbell’s book that I learned the darkly shining stars were Sun Ra’s All Stars, which included Don Cherry, Archie Shepp, Philly Joe Jones, Lester Bowie, and Richard Davis; along with a few of the greats from the Arkestra. ..."
Continue reading this highly interesting post (many MB of this music as well!) at Inaudible Cities.


Err.... No comments. The image is clickable - but if you're already offended I wouldn't advice you to.

MrBaliHai has uploaded new stuff to Ephemeraholic, which I posted about August 23.

Nothing special

Splogcast 15 is now online.

It's a theme show about nothing, but I like nothing better.
relating links:
Vipera (mp3 downloads)
Doe maar
De Sprooksprekers
Charles Krutzen (mp3-downloads)
more sounds by Alan Laurillard
Ramses Shaffy

Les Baxter's Sacred Idol

According to Show & Tell: "Top shelf Baxter with amazing wordless chorus, 1000 piece string section and an odd, spooky mood. " (I think I have to agree on that. This is the good stuff.)
Enjoy it over at Planet Xtabay!

Week 24 - More WWII Propaganda

The Nazis weren’t to keen on jazz or anything fun for that matter (although the SS did have cool uniforms) but in order to try and woe the brits into their fold Goebbels started radio broadcasting specifically aimed at them. In setting new premises for double moral standards, even for the Nazis, they started re-recording popular jazz standards with new lyrics in hoping to lure new recruits into their wicked ways. The lyrics was usually rants against the allied forces, jews and the despair of not seeing things the Nazi way. These tracks were mostly recorded by Charlie & His Orchestra (Vol. 1, is still downloadable at WFMU's Beware of the Blog!), as there are two cd:s readily available of their complete recordings we went digging a bit deeper into the archives and came up with three recordings you wont find there.
Lale Andersen

The very first swinging propaganda song done was this version of 'Onward Christian Soldiers' by an unknown assembly band, five weeks after the outbreak of the war in 1939, mocking the british soldiers for marching off to die for protecting the international conspiracy of jews. Lale Andersen was known as Engel der Soldaten during the war. She was the woman who launched the song Lili Marlene (which is on one of the Charlie cd:s) in 1941 but Goebbels found it to have a “cadaverous smell” and Hinkel thought it to be “defeatist chirping” so eventually the Nazis forbid her to sing it and perform on stage ever again. After that the song became even more popular on the Allied side. Lale ended her career with a participation in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1961 (13th place with 3 points) , dying in Vienna in 1972. She never recorded any propaganda song nor could she be called a propaganda artist. We just find her to be a fascinating woman in a troubled time and with a remarkable career, unjustly forgotten these days, so here’s a rare recording by her, with an unknown band, before falling gracefully from grace with the Nazis.

The last song was done in 1944, mainly aimed at American soldiers for being dumb enough to fall for the Englishmen luring them into the war. Not that it helped. So what did these broadcasts really sound like? Find out the answer to that next week as we listen in on that funny man William Joyce – an Englishman gone astray in Germany.

15. British Soldier Song (Onward Christian Soldiers)
16. Lale Andersen and Orchestra – Under An Umbrella in the Evening
17. Calling Invasion Forces – I Want To Be Happy

Earlier entries in "Fakes & Propaganda": Week 21 - Week 22 - Week 23

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Just a little about...

why this blog started in the first place.

I heard about this blog-thing in the summer of '03. Then I typed b-l-o-g into the url box and found... nothing of interest. (Note: Of course I must have found BoingBoing that night - but surely I thought it looked ridicilous and not worth wasting my time on...)
I decided that blogs probably were web pages where people complained about the weather and politics.
Some time later (maybe half a year later) I was looking for information about the belgian cartoonist Franquin and all of a sudden I was here (another Cartoonist!). Now, this was a blog!!!
I spent at least 3 days going through the archived posts - and found links to stuff about interesting things almost at every day.
Cool, I thought - blogs are maybe not that bad after all...
I checked The Cartoonist's blogroll and found two other great blogs: Life In the Present and Exclamation Mark.
That did it. This could actually be fun, I thought. And here I am. I am a blogger....

So the main inspirators to PCL LinkDump blogwisely were these 3 fine blogs. Now two of them have decided to quit link-blogging and started blogging about other things (I'll be visiting there too, don't you worry guys!).

So, Michelle and Mark, thanks for all the killer linkage and for getting me into this - and good luck being the great poet/film critic that I know you are.
And thanks, of course, to you Ralf ;-) (But You are not allowed to quit!)

/Z aka Sebastian

Updated: And here comes another comment related to this subject, from Mr. Optimistic: "The End of the 'Blog As We Know It?"

Hitchcock film stills

From Vertigo (1958)

Film stills from almost every movie Hitchcock created. (via Grow-A-Brain)

mp3 bound.

SqueezeMyLemon's got mp3s by Leadbelly.
Gene Autry is 'Atlanta Bound' at The Sidecars.
Great 1920s country gospel from Smith's Sacred Singers at Fields On Fire.
Ali Farka Toure does 'Devele Wague' at The Ten Thousand Things.


From the Flying Saucer Comic Book Gallery (Clickable images)

UFOPOP: Flying saucers in Popular Culture. Comics, Books and Magazines.

Updated: As HP helpfully reminded me of, the soundtrack to this post is here!
"...If you see those flying saucers, head for the nearest record label and record a song about it.", Lee's end conclusion.

Fly Me to the Moon

Click the cigarette.

Model villages

Model villages - a flickr group.
What is happening here?! (via I Like)
(Photo displayed here was uploaded by John Wardell)

Tacky Times Vol. 10

She is beautiful and refined, Alida Valli (IMDB), the girl we remember from "The Third Man" and "The Paladine Case". here she is in the RKO movie "The White Tower". (From 'Meet Alida Valli de Mejo - The Girl From "The Third Man')

Tacky Times Vol. 10 is out. Meet Alida Valli de Mejo! And, O'boy!, what hit the scandinavian beaches during the 60s! And don't miss the news: The launching of Coca Cola in Norway in 1952 and later.

Do The Hustle

Yeah, it's time to Do the Hustle!
As Mister Swank puts it: "Dyn-o-mite! Learn the Hustle Cha in 3 easy steps! You know you want to, all the cool kids are doing it... or at least they were in 1976. Relive the horror!"

Wild & Crazy L. A.

the of mirror eye gives us four proto-soul/funk tracks from the comp. 'Just Shuckin’ Around 1953-1963'
Do NOT miss 'Love Blood Hound'! I just love this kind of stomp!
"K.C. Mojo Watson had two singles on Nanc, one each on Ganlon and Atlas. The very fine Stompin’ series out of the UK reissued the first Nanc single on their Volume12. From 1961 “Love Blood Hound“ is disc number two’s more bizarro topside and is all you’d most likely want it to be. Awooooooooo! " (From the liner notes)

The Tarantula!

Weird suspense!
Datajunkie brings us Tarantula #1-3 as PDF files!

Boot sale sounds

A new mp3 blog by Michael Leigh: "During the Autumn and Winter months the sounds will be mostly those from charity shops and culled from my collection of scratchy records and wobbly tapes."
Boot sale sounds

Friday, August 26, 2005

Pinball an illustrated history

Jaime, The Nonister, has picked up a couple of books on pinball. He has posted some ultra cool scans from one of the books, "Pinball an illustrated history" (from 1976).
Check them out!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

More Moog!

The Mighty Moog by Andrew Kazdin & Thomas Z. Shepard is The Collector's downloadable tribute to the late Bob Moog (click the Mighty Moog cover at site to go to the download section.)

Music For Maniacs' got 'Moog Breakbeats'. Mr Fab says: "...It includes the Les Baxter song The Beastie Boys sampled for "Intergalactic," one tune featuring Herbie Hancock (on piano), appearances by Enoch Light, Martin Denny, Herbie Mann, Hugo Montenegro and many others. Blast off! And thanks again, Bob."

Grenouille plus

(Click image for large view at source)

Fantastic imagery! Large images deluxe!
The new "blog" from Patricia where she shares some incredible images from books, magazines and other sources in large format. (Hey! Don't miss Tintin. You need him! He will make you happy.)
Note: Some images are damned nice but still NSFW.
Grenouille plus

Snapshot covers

Swapatorium says: "As I have collected photographs over the years, I have not only kept the photos, but also any packaging that the images were stored in originally. I have hundreds of examples of photo envelopes and booklet covers in my collection. Here is a sampling of snapshot covers."
Snap Paks.

Matthew Clay-Robison

Matthew Clay-Robison - woodcut prints. (via IWR Art & Culture) (The woodcut print displayed here is clickable and named 'Saturday Night Seisiun'.)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Just a couple of mp3s for you to dig

Ok, I managed to slow post this.
Get Your Own Terry Riley Hobby Kit at ANABlog.
The classic "i had too much to dream last night" by The Electric Prunes at Bomarr Blog.
The Artesians are being presented by 2 really great tracks uploaded by Reverend Frost.
Catfish Blues x 3 at Tuwa's Shanty.

You, being yourself, distrust greatly your SPAC ATROL

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Shamefully, your SP CE PAT OL is not taking a week off in recognition of the achievements of Robert Moog. Rather, it will be vomiting itself forth at
Wednesday at 8pm PST/11EST/0400 GMT (Thursday), with a rebroadcast at 5am PST/8am EST/1300 GMT Thursday.

This week, the show will feature Sandy Nelson, Janko Nilovic, Ken Nordine, Jack Marshall, The United States of America, Mansfield, Les Baxter (from "Wild Guitars") and The Monks.
The illustrated playlist will be posted at Luxuria, but is posted now at http://geocities.com/litlgrey/sp71.html .

The Official Blog (address below) also shows you how to choose your all-time favorite (and, conversely, most reviled) S ACE P TROL selections for the upcoming two-hour extravagoonza which will be broadcast as EPISODE 100.

Listen - Chat - LOVE!
Official Space Patrol Blog: http://spacepatrol.blogspot.com

Official Space Patrol Swag: http://cafepress.com/spacepatrol

It's now official - episodes of your One True S ACE P TROL can be purchased using PayPal, at:

Remember, Luxuriamusic thrives on your donations and your participation.
Listen throughout the week for New Shows, including the legendary Otis Fodder's "Friendly Persuasion"!

Momentarily back

Ok, there you had some posts. But I think there will be no more posts coming from me until this weekend. Busy.
I'd also like to tell you all that I once again have changed the look of this blog (yep - re-designed for the 7th time in 1 year...). If you've been here during the last week you've probably already noticed this. I think I like the change and I will try to stick with it as long as possible.

See you soon again.

/Z aka Sebastian

More Mooog (as well as some other sounds...)

Pastor McPurvis' Weekly mp3 Talent Show presents 'Jimmy Does It All Alone' by Jimmy Catalano.
The Pastor tells us. "... we are featuring the multi-instrumental soundings of restaurant entertainer Jimmy Catalano. It seems Mr. Catalano was the house performer for ‘The Pub’ restaurant in Clifton, New Jersey during the 1970s. Mr. Catalano was a self-taught musician who played several instruments by ear and sang as well. This recording has Mr. Catalano multi-tracking himself on piano, organ, Moog synthesizer, guitar, trumpet, and drums to create some nice sounding and well thought out arrangements to support his singing. ..."

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Retro Kid

Ward-o-matic's (Ward Jenkins) new Flickr pool Retro Kid for illustrated children's books from the mid-1940's through the mid-1960's - see post at his blog here.
(Click image to see it large at source)


Ephemeraholic! Uploaded and shared by MrBaliHai (for the BaliHai Tiki Bar: Bali's Hai-deaway.)


As most of you probably already know Robert Moog died August 21.
A sad day. But he had been really sick for some time. Now he feel no more pain. Long live Moog!
Erdenklang Improvisation
Elektric Cokernut provided as a stream by Basic Hip ("Each day this week, Basic Hip will stream classic moog albums to celebrate the life of Bob Moog").
Xtabay is of course (as always!) there with two In memoriam posts. Claude Denjean - Moog & a compilation of some of Ron's (Mr. Xtabay) favourite moog tracks titled Ana-moog.

ANABlog posts this tribute with some nice accompanying audio.
Kofi's hat has some more Moog mp3s at this farewell post.
LikeTelevision Blog is honoring the Moog man with some vintage video of Paula Mary playing the theremin as well as some other theremin clips.
Kingblind Downloads (MOOG EDITION)
FaLaLaLaLa of course offers 'Silent Night' from Christmas Becomes Electric by The Moog Machine.
And do please enjoy the Switched On Moog galleries full of moogtastic cover art.

Shave 'em dry

Lucille Bogan - Shave 'em dry (NSFW!! Explicit lyrics - to say the least!) at This Woman Coil
Learn more about Lucille here.

Update: The mp3 link at This Woman Coil seems to be dead. The link works fine now.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

the Percy Trout hour!

Super-Fizz Sugar-Pop From All Over The Globe!
From the 1950's to the Modern Day!

This Monday, August 22, 2005 8pm to 10pm (Eastern Standard Time, USA)
WRFL 88.1fm, Lexington, Ky.


Note: mrdantefontana is still on vacation. Just wanted to get this message through to you... ;-)

Week 23: WWII Propaganda

World War II seems to have set an end to the old tradition of topical ballads and songs: the quick and easily understandable response to an immediate event in the form of a song. The wars that followed in Korea and Vietnam gave voice to a more personal and expressive kind of songs. As for the Gulf and Iraqi wars we haven’t heard much at all. As for the decline of the jingly penny ballad this might also have something to do with the breakthrough of the phonograph record as this music was first and foremost spread by note sheets. Well, we leave that for the historians to work out. Let’s hear some music!
Donald Duck is having a nightmare, dreaming that he’s living in Nazi Germany and having to heiling Hitler all the time. The song featured in this wonderful short was 'Der Fuhrer's Face' (1943), also giving name to the film. After the war the Disney Corporation wasn’t too keen to let us se Donald in a Nazi uniform even if he was only dreaming. In fact it took over half a century before they finally released it in their fine Disney Treasures series. The song was immensely popular during the war and recorded by loads of artists. The same goes for 'Praise the Lord & Pass the Ammunition' (what a wonderful title). Written by the man who seemed to be getting a song out every time he sneezed, Frank Loesser. The version here is our favourite, beautiful singing and with some really advanced mixing for its day. Lets not forget Stalin, here he’s being praised by The Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet. We did find a latter day version of this in the archives, done nearly note by note, on a single by Robert Wyatt (Rough Trade, 1980). Some people just never learn. Before we tune up for next weeks episode, with some genuine Nazi propaganda, we leave with you with a somewhat surreal sermon from Reverend Gates.

11. Johnny Bond – Der Furhres Face
12. The Southern Sons Quartet – Praise the Lord & Pass the Ammunition
13. The Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet – Stalin Wasn´t Stallin´
14. Reverend J.M. Gates – Hitler and Hell

Earlier entries in "Fakes & Propaganda": Week 21 - Week 22

Note: All the mp3s in the last project "Christianity Vs. Satanism" will go off line as from tomorrow night.

Zap Mama

I've allways been a great fan of Marie Daulne and her ever changing group Zap Mama. She mixes many styles ranging from west-european classical to American soulmusic with traditional African polyphonic vocal techniques. You can listen to an interview and see her latets video at

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


It looks like I finally have succeeded in my attempts to make the comments enabled in the permanent links.
I still look the same and still fancy the same beer as before but strangely enough it is most probable that I have mutated into some kind of Einstein of HTML-code!!!!

Anyway - My IQ is now like up in the clouds and that makes blogging and building websites a little too easy and not much of a challange. I can now actually post an entry with my eyes blindfolded and both my hands cut off.

Now I will take a short break from this blog (maybe a week) to regain my senses.
Maybe Splogman could feed you some posts, I don't know?

/Z aka Sebastian

Updated: I am ending this horrible day by putting my new and improved HTML skills to the test: Was it really possible to make this blog look even more ugly? Oh, YES, it was. Piece of cake, really! Pffft.
And, now I'm gone.


Shadows in the Casbah

Radio Bastet's Album of the month is: Artie Barsamian & His Orchestra - Shadows in the Casbah.
For more info and music by Barsamian, please check my post July 04, 2005.

Night Vision: Photographs of William Gedney and Lynn Saville

Night Vision: Photographs of William Gedney and Lynn Saville. (The photo displayed in this post is 'San Francisco, CA, ca. 1966' by William Gedney) (via IWR Art And Culture)

Enoch Light Centenary 18/08/05

According to Robbie, curator and manager of the Enoch Light Website the 18th of August (Thursday) will see the 100th anniversary of the birth of Enoch Light!
To celebrate this occasion Robbie chalanged the exoticats (and of course ALL GOOD PEOPLE) to put up mixes or shares of Enoch Light productions on their sites in the next few days.
Planet Xtabay starts out brilliantly with 'Enoch Light Singers' doing 12 Smash Hits. And there is also the classic 'Spaced Out' album to enjoy.
Ron at Planet Xtabay has also made a nifty gallery available of Enoch's great pop art covers and has promised to try putting up seven Enoch Albums in the next seven days. That'd be cool!
More news about this later. Let's have a really spaced out party!

Updated: Weirdomusic.com celebrates The Enoch Light Centenary by sharing Enoch Light's 'A new concept of great Cole Porter songs'

Monday, August 15, 2005


"These tracks are some of my very first ones, they are minimal electronics, lofi and naive like some electronic music for the kids. ...", says Puyo Puyo about the new release at Comfort Stand Rec.


THE SWEDISH MAN! (Not Safe For Anyone!! - .swf file provided by Helskägg)
Note: Free Macromedia Flash Player Download

Updated: Martin Klasch has posted an audio tribute to the man (Ernst) shown in the flash here above. Download it here. The music and lyrics by Erik Wahlberg och Magnus Blomberg. (It's of course in Swedish).

Titles Designed by Saul Bass

'Seconds', Directed by John Frankenheimer, 1966.

"One is pressed to cite an example of an active, self-contained, and characteristic credits sequence in film prior to the work of Saul Bass. Undoubtedly, there are examples that presage Bass’ pioneering work; namely, the famous final credits of Citizen Kane reprise excerpts from the film, underscoring the footage with actors’ names. Likewise, overtures frequently preceded films of the ‘30s and ‘40s. Many of these are visually complimented by static credits, and in some cases a montage. And despite these examples, in regard to innovation, renown, and influence, Bass’ impact in credits design remains virtually unparalleled, even to this day. ..." (from the Introduction)
Here's the interactive image galleries. (thanks to Johnny)
More about Saul Bass is best found here.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Week 22: Fake Hard Rock

We might not be big heavy metals fans here at the office but we do love Motörhead and AC/DC. But, then that’s maybe because Motörhead are really a rock´n´roll band and AC/DC a blues band. AC/DC did have a spot of trouble back in 1980. After the success of 'The Highway To Hell tour' the boys were back in the studio for preproduction on the next album. Singer Bon Scott rarely found a bottle he didn’t like so after a heavy drinking session Bon fell asleep and asphyxiated in his sleep when vomiting in February 1980. Eventually the band brought in Brian Johnson as a replacement, on the indirect recommendation from Bon who always thought he was a great singer. This new incarnation of the band released the mighty fine album 'Back in Black' in the summer of 1980. Although there’s some out there that completely misses the point and claim that its too juvenile. Hell – Angus still performs in a school uniform and if its one thing we don’t want it’s a not juvenile AC/DC. No, we want songs like 'Let Me Put My Love Into You' and 'You Shook Me All Night Long'. Let us be teenagers again for a while.

Bon Scott.

Anyway, the album was released as a tribute to the late Bon. As for the title track there’s no mistaking this. Which makes the fake song following quite interesting. It’s claiming to be a demo version of 'Back in Black' with Bon Scott singing! This track has turned up on the odd AC/DC bootleg although we don’t know when it first surfaced or who did record it. But, it’s not that badly done.

10. Fake AC/DC – Back in Black

Earlier entries in "Fakes & Propaganda": Week 21

Updated: Thanks to Nasty Boy for dragging the name of Jackyl (story here) into the light. Of course knowledge such as this comes from a guy calling himself Nasty Boy. Rock on, dood!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Cuban Posters

Cuban Posters presented by the International Institute of Social History. (via Jaf Project)

Jungle Jazz

'Jungle Jazz' by Les Baxter is the album of the week at Basic Hip Digital Oddio (you'll need to scroll down just a little bit on that page)

Lilya Corneli

'She', in Gallery I

The photography by Lilya Corneli. Careful - some artistic nudes. NSFW. (via xupacabras)

The Airplane Book

"Egads. The colors. The hairstyles. The clothing. It's 1972 and all was not well within the airline industry. See for yourself through this amusing children's book, illustrated by Art Seiden.", says Ward Jenkins about this thrift store find he has scanned and uploaded into this colorful set at Flickr.
Read more about this book over at his blog.