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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

SPA E PAT OL, Cealis, Viagro, and soxy teenz next dour

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Ho-hum. Very hot. So tired of dreary messages about SP CE PAT OL... why don't they just STOP? No one listens anyway. What an ass! Don't you wish you could block this jackass and his messages?
Therefore, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you attend your One True SP CE PA ROL soonily, at http://luxuriamusic.com Wednesday at 8pm PST/11EST/0400 GMT (Thursday), with a rebroadcast at 5am PST/8am EST/1300 GMT Thursday.

Today the fully ignorable, not-to-be-listened-to show features Warren Barker, Jack Fascinato, Etienne Charry, the great Celia Cruz, Sam Paglia, I Marc 4, and Bing Crosby with The Rat Pack.
The Official not-to-be-read Blog (address below) also shows you how to choose your all-time favorite (and, conversely, most reviled) S ACE P TROL selections for the upcoming two-hour extravagoonza which will be broadcast as EPISODE 100.

Do Not Listen - Do Not Chat - Do Not LOVE!
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However... WHO(M) CARES?