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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Week 22: Fake Hard Rock

We might not be big heavy metals fans here at the office but we do love Motörhead and AC/DC. But, then that’s maybe because Motörhead are really a rock´n´roll band and AC/DC a blues band. AC/DC did have a spot of trouble back in 1980. After the success of 'The Highway To Hell tour' the boys were back in the studio for preproduction on the next album. Singer Bon Scott rarely found a bottle he didn’t like so after a heavy drinking session Bon fell asleep and asphyxiated in his sleep when vomiting in February 1980. Eventually the band brought in Brian Johnson as a replacement, on the indirect recommendation from Bon who always thought he was a great singer. This new incarnation of the band released the mighty fine album 'Back in Black' in the summer of 1980. Although there’s some out there that completely misses the point and claim that its too juvenile. Hell – Angus still performs in a school uniform and if its one thing we don’t want it’s a not juvenile AC/DC. No, we want songs like 'Let Me Put My Love Into You' and 'You Shook Me All Night Long'. Let us be teenagers again for a while.

Bon Scott.

Anyway, the album was released as a tribute to the late Bon. As for the title track there’s no mistaking this. Which makes the fake song following quite interesting. It’s claiming to be a demo version of 'Back in Black' with Bon Scott singing! This track has turned up on the odd AC/DC bootleg although we don’t know when it first surfaced or who did record it. But, it’s not that badly done.

10. Fake AC/DC – Back in Black

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Updated: Thanks to Nasty Boy for dragging the name of Jackyl (story here) into the light. Of course knowledge such as this comes from a guy calling himself Nasty Boy. Rock on, dood!