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Sunday, August 07, 2005

"Christianity Vs. Satanism" mp3 Comp.

Note: This project is ON-LINE once again as from 2010!!

Well, it's the BIRTHDAY of PCL LinkDump. Yes, this blog has been online since August 7 2004.
Happy Birthday to Us and to You!

And HTMPL Productions and I brought a birthday present. To all of us.

Welcome to enjoy the latest mp3 project (posted Sundays during the last 2 months):
"Chistianity Vs. Satanism".
We hadn't expected this compilation to be wrapped up in such beauty, style and finesse.
But thanks to one ultra cool visitor of this site (who, luckily, appreciates what's going on here at the PCL Headquarters and thought he could do something back) the present looks really nice.
Let's just put it this way: it's a Fake production. (sorry, man... :-))

So, here it is in all it's devilish glory:
Please tell me if there are any problems downloading the stuff.

Hipp, hipp... HURRA! (Swedish birthday ceremonial)

01 Those Bad Bad Kids – The Cowboy Church Sunday School
02 The Little Black Sheep – The Cowboy Church Sunday School
03 The Monkey Song – The Bernard Sisters
04 The Ecumenical Movement – The Bernard Sisters
05 I´m A Mormon – Janeen Brady & The Brite Singers
06 The Big M – Lust Control
07 The Devil´s After Me – Tammy Faye Bakker
08 Devil Go Away – Little Marcy
09 Drunken Preacher Preaching
10 Vid hans kors (By His Cross) - Eko-Teamet
11 I religiös extas (In Religious Ecstasy) – Carola
12 Said I Wasn´t Gonna Tell Nobody – The Abyssinian Baptist Gospel Choir
13 The Devil´s Trill (Sonata in G Minor) – Giuseppe Tartini
14 O Fortuna (from Carmina Burana) – Carl Orff
15 Strange Music – Anton LaVey
16 Gloomy Sunday – Anton Lavey
17 Gloomy Sunday – Billie Holiday
18 The Pentagram – Aleister Crowley
19 Devils Dream – Spade Cooley
20 Night on the Bare Mountain – Modest Mussorgsky

>Download the 'Chistianity Vs. Satanism' mp3 comp. zipped at MediaFire

>Download front and back cover (pdf - acrobat reader required) at MediaFire.

Read HTMPL Productions full posts here, where you will find more information about the songs and artists presented on this compilation:
(Christianity:) Week 13 - Week 14 - Week 15 - Week 16
(Satanism:) Week 17 - Week 18 - Week 19 - Week 20

Updated: This project has now gone off line (as from today, August 22 2005).
Thanks to: Autowitch, B.D.'s world, Bat Guano's BraiN!, Bibi's Box, Catch, David's Blog-o-Rama!, Eye Of The Goof, Nonist, Oink!, Panopticologist, Robot Action Boy, Stationsvakt, SuicideGirls, Weblog Eines Pessimistischen Webdesigners, X-Ray Spex (and maybe some more) for enjoying and linking to it!

Updated II: In July 2006 this project went on-line again.