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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sebastián Kramer

I recieved a mail a few days ago from Sebastián Kramer (I like some parts of that name very much!), an Argentinian, who tells me that he was guitarist of a group named Jaime Without Earth between 1996 and 2001.
Haven't heard about them - but it looks like they recorded 3 albums (CD:s).
Now he is going solo with the album: 'La Futura Mirada Del Ex Tenista'. It is available for download at his blog (check the side bar).
I don't know for sure but the music reminds me a little about Sonic Youth and a little about Lou Barlow (Sebadoh) and a little about other bands related to these.
Years ago I consumed music like this, loved and cherished it as something equally important as the air I breathed.
Nowadays I don't feel much at all.
But if you like the kind of dreamlike pop surrounded by barbed wire guitars this should be a pretty nice experience.
If you like it you can actually download the cover art as well.
Free music - we love!