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Saturday, August 06, 2005

The painter with a movie camera

"It was quite a surprise when a moving picture camera was brought to the Munch Museum several years ago. It was a so-called Pathé-Baby with a 9,5 mm. film cassette and a projector in a specially made traveller’s case. The advanced traveller’s camera was said to have belonged to Edvard Munch, a fact confirmed by a viewing of the four accompanying films, which had originally been developed at Nerlien’s in Oslo. A small plate inside the camera is inscribed: 'Exportation de cet apparaille hors de France et colonies est formellement interdite' [1] which would indicate that Munch either bought the camera in Paris and smuggled it out or acquired it illegally outside France. ..."

View Munch's own film recordings here. (Choose between QT and MP)
Paperholic says that if you want to find more Information about Munch’s film recordings and a short selection of documentaries (from the 1950s) about Munch’s life and art you can go to the page named Museum’s Filmsite.
Nice find Gris-Gris! I hope you hadn't too much champagne yesterday! Eh...?