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Friday, August 05, 2005

About the "Christianity vs. Satanism" mp3 comp

Hi all!

I was about to put the complete "Christianity vs. Satanism" mp3 comp. (blogged here by HTMPL prod.) up this week incl. a nice cover art for you to download. But since I formatted my hard drive some week ago I haven't been (lazyiness) able to install the proper programs needed yet.
My question is: Anyone up to design a decent cover for this CD Comp.? It should a pdf (Acrobat Reader). It doesn't have to be that fancy - but a fun or nice cover to go with the a comp like this is just a little more fun than just to be able to download the songs.
Mail me for information (and details) if you're interested: mrdantefontana [at] gmail.com

It's not that I'm able to give you someting in return except for my eternal gratitude and a BIG LINK going your way. But - if you think it's fun playing around with graphics this could be a nice little project.

If noone is interested you just have to wait for me to do it myself. And it may take some time. But be patient.
It will be presented here in (what I refer to as) the nearest future.


/Z aka Sebastian

And by the way: Does anyone know how to make comments enabled for perma links (like in this one)? Where to put the code? Anyone?

Updated: It looks like we've got a volunteer for the cover art work! More information later.