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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


As most of you probably already know Robert Moog died August 21.
A sad day. But he had been really sick for some time. Now he feel no more pain. Long live Moog!
Erdenklang Improvisation
Elektric Cokernut provided as a stream by Basic Hip ("Each day this week, Basic Hip will stream classic moog albums to celebrate the life of Bob Moog").
Xtabay is of course (as always!) there with two In memoriam posts. Claude Denjean - Moog & a compilation of some of Ron's (Mr. Xtabay) favourite moog tracks titled Ana-moog.

ANABlog posts this tribute with some nice accompanying audio.
Kofi's hat has some more Moog mp3s at this farewell post.
LikeTelevision Blog is honoring the Moog man with some vintage video of Paula Mary playing the theremin as well as some other theremin clips.
Kingblind Downloads (MOOG EDITION)
FaLaLaLaLa of course offers 'Silent Night' from Christmas Becomes Electric by The Moog Machine.
And do please enjoy the Switched On Moog galleries full of moogtastic cover art.