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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Stars That Shine Darkly

"Monte Hall would have made a good salesman at Sun Ra’s post-gig merch table. The two albums I’ve uploaded for this post were purchased after a mid-1980s Arkestra show. As with all the other records for sale that night, the vinyl was packaged in plain, unmarked black sleeves. The only way of distinguishing one title from another was to remove the record and hope that at least one side had a label glued on. Many did not. If the gentleman handling the cash was asked what was what, he’d laugh and assure the potential buyer that it was all good music, it was all Sun Ra.
So I took a shot on these two, since they each had a hand cut and glued center hole label on one side, and the labels were different. All I knew was that one record had a Hiroshima label, and the other had a Stars That Shine Darkly label. ...
... It was also from Campbell’s book that I learned the darkly shining stars were Sun Ra’s All Stars, which included Don Cherry, Archie Shepp, Philly Joe Jones, Lester Bowie, and Richard Davis; along with a few of the greats from the Arkestra. ..."
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