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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

You, being yourself, distrust greatly your SPAC ATROL

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Shamefully, your SP CE PAT OL is not taking a week off in recognition of the achievements of Robert Moog. Rather, it will be vomiting itself forth at
Wednesday at 8pm PST/11EST/0400 GMT (Thursday), with a rebroadcast at 5am PST/8am EST/1300 GMT Thursday.

This week, the show will feature Sandy Nelson, Janko Nilovic, Ken Nordine, Jack Marshall, The United States of America, Mansfield, Les Baxter (from "Wild Guitars") and The Monks.
The illustrated playlist will be posted at Luxuria, but is posted now at http://geocities.com/litlgrey/sp71.html .

The Official Blog (address below) also shows you how to choose your all-time favorite (and, conversely, most reviled) S ACE P TROL selections for the upcoming two-hour extravagoonza which will be broadcast as EPISODE 100.

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Official Space Patrol Blog: http://spacepatrol.blogspot.com

Official Space Patrol Swag: http://cafepress.com/spacepatrol

It's now official - episodes of your One True S ACE P TROL can be purchased using PayPal, at:

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