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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Just a little about...

why this blog started in the first place.

I heard about this blog-thing in the summer of '03. Then I typed b-l-o-g into the url box and found... nothing of interest. (Note: Of course I must have found BoingBoing that night - but surely I thought it looked ridicilous and not worth wasting my time on...)
I decided that blogs probably were web pages where people complained about the weather and politics.
Some time later (maybe half a year later) I was looking for information about the belgian cartoonist Franquin and all of a sudden I was here (another Cartoonist!). Now, this was a blog!!!
I spent at least 3 days going through the archived posts - and found links to stuff about interesting things almost at every day.
Cool, I thought - blogs are maybe not that bad after all...
I checked The Cartoonist's blogroll and found two other great blogs: Life In the Present and Exclamation Mark.
That did it. This could actually be fun, I thought. And here I am. I am a blogger....

So the main inspirators to PCL LinkDump blogwisely were these 3 fine blogs. Now two of them have decided to quit link-blogging and started blogging about other things (I'll be visiting there too, don't you worry guys!).

So, Michelle and Mark, thanks for all the killer linkage and for getting me into this - and good luck being the great poet/film critic that I know you are.
And thanks, of course, to you Ralf ;-) (But You are not allowed to quit!)

/Z aka Sebastian

Updated: And here comes another comment related to this subject, from Mr. Optimistic: "The End of the 'Blog As We Know It?"