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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Enoch Light Centenary 18/08/05

According to Robbie, curator and manager of the Enoch Light Website the 18th of August (Thursday) will see the 100th anniversary of the birth of Enoch Light!
To celebrate this occasion Robbie chalanged the exoticats (and of course ALL GOOD PEOPLE) to put up mixes or shares of Enoch Light productions on their sites in the next few days.
Planet Xtabay starts out brilliantly with 'Enoch Light Singers' doing 12 Smash Hits. And there is also the classic 'Spaced Out' album to enjoy.
Ron at Planet Xtabay has also made a nifty gallery available of Enoch's great pop art covers and has promised to try putting up seven Enoch Albums in the next seven days. That'd be cool!
More news about this later. Let's have a really spaced out party!

Updated: Weirdomusic.com celebrates The Enoch Light Centenary by sharing Enoch Light's 'A new concept of great Cole Porter songs'