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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Jan's 78 rpm Record Warehouse

Jan's 78 rpm Record Warehouse
Another Jan who has a site with a lot of music ! (bilingual)


Listen to old Dutch records in WMA format by clicking "muziek" on this site. On "78 reclame" some commercials and corporate songs on 78 rpm can be heard by clicking on some of the pictures.

De Nederlandstalige 78 toeren muziek site van Lodewijk

For the Love of Opera Gloves

rita hayworth with opera gloves

That is a stylish fetish: Opera gloves - with hundreds of pictures, a history of opera gloves, the best films and actrisses with opera gloves etc.

Bubblegum TV

Bubblegum TV
Here you can find:
tunes of old Dutch television series
videoclips (select a title from the pull down beneath the television)

Albinism in Popular Culture

The purpose of this page is to explore the mythology of albinism, to take an in-depth look at the various ways in which this unique trait has been perceived and presented.

Monday, May 30, 2005


A real classic, but I still love it: Heromachine - Build your own Superhero Character, here is mine (a little bit overfeatured):


Found Tape Exhibition

An evolving exhibition of Found Tapes ... start picking up the bits, knots and clods of thrown away cassette tape that one ever so often sees lying or hanging around in the streets, parks, fields ...
- Strange and fascinating soundbits.

Daan Gijsman and Grumpje the dragon

Last week I saw a comic in the local newspaper by the 10 year old Daan Gijsman. Daan and his twin brother Jochem are pupils of mine at the Geert Grote School.
When I asked their father for permission to place this comic on pcl, he mailed me the adress of Daan's official website: www.daangijsman.nl
See how productive this kid is. Take a look at The adventures of Grumpje de Draak (Little Grump the Dragon).
He writes that he invented Grumpje in a dream. He draws comics since he was 7 years old and almost every week he makes a new one.
I hope (and expect) that we're going to see a lot more of Daan in the future

To the best of our knowledge

From the audio magazine To the Best of Our Knowledge:


This show starts off with a twelve minute segment on the renewed
popularity of yodeling. :-)

(source: oddio overplay mailinglist)

Sunday, May 29, 2005


A new guest curator has joined the splusp group! Erik van Lieshout presents an album recorded by a Catholic Youth choir in the south of The Netherlands. "Over the years this Lp has provoked some very mixed reactions in my circles (Art acedemy students and the Art scene), on the few occasions I played a track as a dj some people had pretty traumatic memories of these songs..... So don't take it too seriously and don't forget to make the flowers sing!!!" http://www.splogman.com/splusp/beatmis.html

"Mixtapes" of Netlabel-Music

The netlabel scene is growing and growing and you can easily get lost. As a possible introduction I've made sort of a "mixtape" which is nothing more than a simple list of links to some tracks I like taken from various netlabels.

You can listen to it as a "stream" if you take that m3u-file or you may want go to weblog Machtdose where I have listed the tracks with a download-link for each one.

I've named the collection "roland's second journey through netaudio", because I made a first try one year ago. For that first collection there is also a m3u-file available (here). The tracklist with download links is there.

(The text of the tracklist sites is German - but nevermind, you should find what you want)

Museum of bad album covers


Kinda Kinky


This link may very well have been posted before, but it can't hurt to give kinda kinky another visit. There are a lot of short examples of the sitar in pop music.

Week 11: Dean Carter

If you´ve got a Cramps affinity you might have heard at least one track by Dean Carter. His over the top version of “Jailhouse Rock”, which you can find on Born Bad Volume Six (you´ll need everyone of the eight volumes of Born Bad, the greatest compilation series ever put together). But there´s more to Dean than that. Being completely out of time and place, recording his rockabilly influenced tunes between 1963 and 1967, he might as well have been cutting them in the twilight zone. And judging from this track he probably was. What a knock-out! You just have to love the arrangement and that chorus girl.

19. I Got A Girl – Dean Carter

(sex:) Week 1 - Week 2 - Week 3 - Week 4 (drugs:) Week 5 - Week 6 - Week 7 - Week 8 (Rock'n'roll:) Week 9 - Week 10

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Splogcast number 6

(And hi co-blogger Roland!)
I'm a bit under the weather at the moment (sniff) but I managed to cut and past a radioshow together. So I would like to invite everybody to download and listen to:

Splogcast number 6 (27 Mb) 5 Mb version

Co-producers where Eugène Busé and Marco Weirdomusic Kalnenek

Hypnosis in Media

Just relax... you are getting tired... your lids will be heavy and heavier... you are totally calmed down now... I GIVE YOU THE ORDER: CLICK THAT LINK - Hypnosis in Media is collecting all tracks of hypnosis in comic books, advertising, film, television and more - tons of material and very interesting.

The Miracles Page


(This is roland speaking. Greetz to host Sebastian, Co-Blogger Jan and the audience of course)

The name of Allah in a aubergine

"All we need is a miracle" some song says and maybe that's true. So, if you need a spiritual comfort, you should visit The Miracles Page. It seems there are miracles everywhere and every religion has its own: milk crying elephant statues, Crosses of Light, a white buffalo or the name of Allah written in vegetables (see picture above).

Friday, May 27, 2005


From october 1962 until october 1975 the weekly magazine PEP developed into something where Dutch comic lovers who found Donald Duck too childish could read "serious" comics.
Take the PEP-tour to see which comics qualified as such (click on the stamps to get an overview of that particular year)

Mieke de Swart - Sound and Vision

Mieke is a painter/photographer with a site I immediately got addicted to when I first visited. Every friday night she has her own online radio show with lots of unusual music. She is also one of the contibutor's to my weekly splogcasts.

afabc (2)

Amongst cartoons and other things Maarten Wolterink illustrates children's books. And underneath an anonymous from my kid's drawings collection

Art for and by children (1)

click image

Hi all,

as a music teacher I sometimes recieve drawings from children. I've kept them all sofar. This week I will try to scan or photograph and post a lot of them and search for similar links. First I will show you some musical instruments drawn by kids. A lot of kids forget to sign their work. Rosane didn't.

The link to go with this first posting leads to musical drawings by John Overmyer

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Do we have a guest blogger?

I would like to have a guest blogger here next week.
Anyone interested?

If so, here are some ground rules:
1. You should know how to publish to Blogger (It's quite simple - but I have no time to give lessons...)
2. Your posts should stick to the flow that is PCL. (if you have been here before you probably know what it's all about.)
3. No politics.
4. Links to sexual explicit material is marked with a NSFW (Not Safe For Work)
5. No cat photos.

You don't have to post the way I do. You can write essays, babble, show your drawings, poems or... anything. Whatever! But a link here and there wouldn't hurt. :-)

If noone picks up on this, PCL will be a very quiet place next week. C'mon! It's fun! And you get a pretty decent audience (700 hits/day at the moment). Plug yourself!
If you're interested send a mail to mrdantefontana at gmail.com

Update: We have 2 guest bloggers! Roland and Jan. Please treat them nice! These two gentlemen deserve a great response since they are so nice taking care of business here at the PCL LinkDump. See you later!

/Z aka Sebastian

Tom Slowinski

'Arab with Camels' [found in 'Advertising']

Slowinski "is inspired by contemporary American society. His works are thematic but not always exclusive to a single concept. Elements from different categories may combine and cross over. His works are both a social and a psycho-self portrait, a psychological interpretation of the material world." (via LinkFilter.net)

Horus Archives

Matt at Rashomon points to another interesting Hungarian photo exhibit. He writes: "Horus Archives is a collection of more than 200,000 amateur snapshots, collected and selected in Budapest by camera-man and film-maker Sándor Kardos. These 37 images shows that in art the business of looking, the way of looking at something, is central, featuring both the artist’s eye and that of the spectator."

Budapest 1919-2000

[Click image]

Budapest 1919-2000, a photographic exhibit, navigate by clicking on the map. Some great photos to see. If you speak hungarian it's a plus - but not a must. ;-) (via del.icio.us/feaverish)


2 tracks from The Genius of Komeda at Swedesplease.
Swedish pop music at it's best.

Vampirella in 'The mummy's revenge'

The Groovy Age of Horror's (This month is dedicated to Dracula - that's why the blog name for the time being is: The Groovy Age of Dracula) weekly comic is Vampirella in The Mummy's Revenge. Nice stuff from the mid 70s. Groovy!

Blog with a view, Terry Wright

'Trouble with the Tanning Bed' (2003)

About: "Blog with a View is a visual diary of my original digital art, fractal art, and illustrated poetry."
See more of Terry Wrights fractal/art at his site: Rooms with a view.

Yma Sumac's Miracles

New share at Xtabay's Lounge World: Yma Sumac - Miracles. Yma's rock album. If you want to know where Kate Bush got her ideas listen to this. Wordless vocals and Mr. Baxter's arrangements. A mind blowing experience.
Thanks for this!!

Note: Learn more about Miss Sumac by reading my entry about her February 08, 2005

Update: Read about this recording over at Java's Bachelor Pad.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Fuck the police

Mi Amigo - Puño has collected some anti-cop tunes. Way cool!

[01 - NWA - Fuck The Police
02 - H2O - Cops Theme
03 - Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK
04 - KRS One - Sound of da Police
05 - Operation Ivy - Officer
06 - Regurgitator - Fat Cop
07 - Judas Priest - Breaking The Law
08 - The Simpsons - Bad Cop
09 - NOFX - Cops and Donuts
10 - Ice T - Cop Killer
11 - Pharcyde - Officer
12 - Kingston Trio - Bad Man's Blunder
13 - The Strokes - New York City Cops
14 - Anti-Flag - Fuck Police Brutality
15 - Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak
16 - Schlong - Gee Officer Krupke
17 - Warren G - I Shot the Sherrif
18 - Napalm - Crooked Cop
19 - Clash - I Fought the Law
20 - Cypress Hill - Pigs
21 - Rage Against The Machine - Fuck The Police]

Michaël Borremans


Michaël Borremans at Zeno X Gallery (there's an article about Mr. Borremans in Guardian Unlimited)

Chicago-Sun Times Photo Essays

'A big sendoff'. Photo by Al Risser, August 31, 1943.
[From the 40s gallery]

Most of these photographs were taken on the spur of the moment, in an uncertain situation, with quick and instinctive framing, by photographers who were standing right there whether they were supposed to be or not. Most of them were taken before the era of smart cameras; there was not always time to use a light meter, so f-stops were chosen out of experience and instinct, and the light source was a flashgun and those old flashbulbs that were good for one shot. ... (From the 'Introduction' by Roger Ebert)
Real Chicago: Chicago-Sun Times Photo Essays. (via LinkFilter.net)

Songs out there

The House of Leaf and Lime showcases Loopy Loopy Love.
Locust St. goes criss-cross with Monk.
Theme From Cleopatra Jones at The Number One Songs In Heaven
the of mirror eye wonders What would it sound like if various noise/psychedelic bands covered their favorite ABBA songs?!?! Answer: ABBA Reinterpreted
Tuwa's Shanty brings us Cocaine (Dick and Nick)

America's favorite cigarette break

Great pic found by One Man!

Meccano Magazine

Meccano Magazine, January 1970.

Meccano Magazine scans (full scans!) and other Meccano related stuff at Wes' archive of Meccano "paper". (via The Cartoonist)

Hollywood 40s

Ted tells us: "This special feature 10 long richly illustrated articles about Hollywood in the 1940s. Dealing in pin-ups, George Petty, their favourite sports and other celluloid royalty oriented stuff."
"The divorced Ava Gardner above is in a situation
where she can do what she likes and she likes being a pin-up."
[From 'Turmoil in the Pin-up Business']

Tacky Times: Hollywood 40s Special

One Hit Wonder Central

One Hit Wonder Central. Yes, that's what it is precisely. (via Bifurcated Rivets)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Fascinating art by Japanese artist Takorasu [Note: Some flash.] (via male.dei)

Alexis Mackenzie

'Bartramian sandpiper' [found in 'Birds of Ohio']

The collages by Alexis Mackenzie. (member of the Plantimal Collective)
(via CoLLaGeMaNíA)

Blacksburg High School

Check these cool teenagers out up close - click her legs!

Blacksburg High School, Class of 1981 photos collected for their upcoming reunion in '06. (found by the great One Man some time ago)

Weirdo cover gallery

"Weirdo was a 1980s Comic Magazine created by Robert Crumb. He was the editor of #1 - #9 (Peter Bagge edited #10-17 and #25, Aline Kominsky-Crumb did the remaining 10 issues). All covers were drawn by Crumb and many "classic" Crumb strips were first published in Weirdo. ..."
Check them out! (via LinkFilter.net)

On the High "C's"

Now, you might ask, are the songs as "stunning" as the cover artwork for this record by Phyllis Arick?
Well, the saying says you can't judge a book by it's cover. But sometimes, just some times, it has to be judgement day...

Learn more about Phyllis and her High C's over at the good Pastor McPurvis' place.

The All-Time Top 100 Voices in the Movies

Sometimes a movie is only worth watching for its stars -- and sometimes a star is only memorable for his or her voice. filmcritic.com thought this phenomenon was so peculiar that we decided to rank the top 100 movie star voices of all time. Of course, we didn't just limit ourselves to bad actors (though you'll find plenty on the list). Some of cinema's best voices belong to the greats of the profession, too. (Some, like #96, won an Oscar based on a quirky voice alone.) These are the actors whose distinct voices (or special voice work) have made movies transcend what they otherwise might have been.
The All-Time Top 100 Voices in the Movies as listed at Filmcritic.com
Another list... But it's actually a quite nice list. (via Bibi's Box)


Hepcat Willy tells us: "Moïra had a short-lived career as a French-Canadian pop singer. Not a great deal of information out there on Moïra, so if you have any insights, I would love to hear them! Future superstars, please note: using one name only makes it very difficult for history to recall your achievements. ..."
Taste it here.

50 Short Stories of the Week

Ralf Zeigermann aka The Cartoonist bids us welcome to the collected adventures of the Roper (the illustrated edition!).
Enjoy this crazy world. Meet Doc. Hickory and other strange characters.

Downlowd the book here!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Vintage Lounge

Just a quick (and great!) one today:

"Examples of lounge, easy-listening, and exotica music that predate the hi-fi era of the mid-1950s and, in some cases, the era of LPs. Prepare to (hopefully) be surprised!"
Check it out, and get some cool sounds for your laid-back living (as well as some sadly underrated music history)!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Week 10: Jimmy Wages

Fame never lifted her skirt for Jimmy Wages. To crudely uncommercial even for Sun Records poor old Jimmy never got a peek under that skirt. But in true southern fashion he knew, just as well as the Killer, that he sure was going to be damned for belting out that rock´n´roll stuff and he couldn´t stop himself either. If you´re going you´re going. Although the troubles of this weighed heavily on Jimmy´s mind. Unlike Jerry he wrote his own songs and they do indeed come from a troubled mind. Strange lyrics performed in true primitive fashion. Accordingly none we´re released during his days but four of those songs survived in the Sun vaults from sessions in, probably, 1957 and 1958. First out are two takes of Mad Man, followed by Miss Pearl. Both songs reflecting a somewhat unsettling view on women. Then there´s Heartbreakin´ Love, in my view the weakest of the four songs; standard rockabilly of it´s day (not that there´s anything bad with that). Then we round off things with Jimmy´s masterpiece: Take Me From This Garden of Evil. A vision of the conflict between good and evil with some moral judgement thrown in. And that´s all there is folks! We don´t know for sure who played what on these sessions but present in the studio with Jimmy Wages was Ray Harris, Jesse Carter and J.M. Van Eaton with Jack Clement turning the knobs.

14. Mad Man (take 1)
15. Mad Man (take 2)
16. Miss Pearl
17. Heartbreakin´ Love
18. Take Me From This Garden of Evil

(sex:) Week 1 - Week 2 - Week 3 - Week 4 (drugs:) Week 5 - Week 6 - Week 7 - Week 8 (Rock'n'roll:) Week 9

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Back Monday night

Mini break.
Enjoy Threadbared while I'm gone. It's a fun place to be.

Billy Vaughn

Hepcat Willy has got news for us (as well as a new delicious upload...!):
"This album makes a great backdrop for a late night, scorpion bowl swilling, blind-drunk episode at your local tiki bar. Somehow I feel it's a wonderful soundtrack for madness, like smashing a 100 gallon aquarium or setting fire to your yacht during a party at sea. ..."
Sukiyaka & 11 Hawaiian Hits by Billy Vaughn.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


"Sex. Death. Freedom. These three ingredients combine to create an orgiastic homage to the outrageous -- perhaps the most outrageous movie ever to be committed to celluloid -- Pervert! The shocking story of salacious scandal. An experimental explosion of mental mayhem. A bloodbath brimming with very big bubbles. A titillating travesty. A comedy of epic proportions equal only to those of its actresses. A morality play without morals. A cautionary tale lacking in caution yet abundant in tail. ..."

This movie sounds fun!
Looks fun too...
View the trailer here.

Pervert! (via The Crime In Your Coffee)

Note: No links presented here are safe to click at work. (That is if you're not working for some really trashy organization or perhaps in the porn industry... ;-))

Gus Vali & His Casbah Ensemble

The Album of this month over at Radio Bastet's album share is:
Dance Bellyrina, Dance! by Gus Vali & His Casbah Ensemble

Meco Monardo

"In May of 1977, people around America began lining up for a little-hyped science fiction movie.
After its first screenings, word of mouth soon spread and lines were forming around America’s cinemas - people were seeing the movie again and again as soon as the closing credits had rolled!
Over the next few days, the film was smashing box office records thanks to amazing special effects, great performances and a feeling of hope missing from films of recent years.
America was in the grip of Star Wars fever!
Among the people catching Star Wars a number of times in its opening week was the innovative musician and producer, Meco Monardo.
Captivated by John Williams' thematic score, Meco realised that he could use his talents to bring America’s love of Star Wars together with the other phenomenon sweeping the country – Disco! ..."

Read more at Meco - The Funk Is With Him
Meco sound samples is to be find here [Note: This page is not available for the moment due to exceeded transfer rate. But try later! It's worth the wait!]. (via LinkFilter.net)
And here's an interview with Meco at disco-disco.com.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Aborted Tapes

Mark Vidler, the genius remixer, dj, producer, and machup artist, cleans out the closet:
"These tracks do exactly what they say on the box. A selection of still born ideas that may have only been good enough for a verse, or a chorus or 15 secs of amusement. Some are fully fledged mixes that were passed overfor better ones, some rejected by the bands or record labels, some that probably still have no right to be available for anyone elses ears but mine.....All tracks recorded sometime between 2003 - 2004."
GHP Aborted Tapes Vol 1. Some cool sounding stuff!

Don Mimmo

Up this week is at Pastor McPurvis' is Don Mimmo - "poet, musician, and Italian. Mr. Mimmo is a renaissance man of sorts, writing both music and words, as well as performing his works as only an Italian who sings love can. It’s all spelled out on the liner notes which anyone who truly wishes to understand the inner workings of Don Mimmo should read. The arrangements are very good (although not penned by Mr. Mimmo), his singing voice is smarmy but competent, and his lyrics often times venture off into the surreal. ..."
Read more and download the Italian here.

Walt Disney Memorial Orgy

Pop cultural artefact in Color! (NSFW!) (at BoingBoing)

Tribute to the Corsetiere

[Found in the Advertising section]
That's for sure! After over hundred years of sexist advertising I bet it's a mission impossible finding a woman at ease with her looks and figure!

Ivy Leaf's Tribute to the Corsetiere (via Bibi's Box)

Monty Python posters

Monty Python's Flying Circus Posters (Poster Store at My Simple Life)
(via del.icio.us/robbytherobot)
Note: Link goes to place where you can buy these babies. So.. Beware! Commercial site!

Mp3 roundup.

Copy, Right! has posted 11 covers.
Orbis Quintus listens to 'Hell is wicked' by Julian Cope
Now Space Patrol! at Spread The Good Word
Exorcism at Cake & Polka Parade (bring garlic and cross!).
The Pink Fairies rocks out at Garage Hangover.
'Walking on a Tightrope' by Johnny Adams at Hellhounds and Holyghosts

Monday, May 16, 2005

Creepy, Eerie and VAMPIRELLA!

pcl2pcl2 pcl2
Warren Magazine cover collection website. Absolutely fantastic galleries of these 3 horror comic classics from the 60s to the 80s. Be sure not to miss out on Vampirella! (via Papel Continuo)