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Monday, May 16, 2005

Who am I? - You ask - I answer.

Magnus wants to know:
-How old are you?

-That was not that hard ... 35! But to be honest I feel like 38.

Bellybongo (another Magnus character) has put together some really tough multiple choice questions.

Question nr 1.

-If you found two postcards, one from Miami, and the other one from Congo, which would you keep

-The one from Congo. I think that a postcard from Congo would trigger my imagination and would excite me more. I don't know why for sure. I suppose my choice would be based on a mix of bias and exotic curiousity.

Question nr 2.

-On the street, what irritate you the most:
1. People singing and dancing
2. Dogs leaving turds
3. People with funny clothes, talking in a funky language you do not understand
4. Drunk people from what-ever puking, and herrassing good people like us all
5. 08's
7. Wedding parties, or partys for drunk girls and upcoming brides, or drunk males, feeding upcoming grooms with too much booze

-Oh man! A lot of irritating situations to choose from there! But I settle for No. 7. I especially detest "drunk males, feeding upcoming grooms with too much booze". That is probably as low and stupid as life gets.

Question nr 3.

-When at home, surfing, what do you dislike:
1. Badly designed webpages
2. Over-designed webpages with nothing to say
3. Webpages without any kind of design
4. Webpages with great design, but dumb content
5. Webpages with too much nice things to say, on beautiful webpage design
6. Webmasters
7. Trolls

-Normally I don’t take too much notice of the looks of web pages. To me it’s all about content. And by saying content I mean a lot of things: information; audio; texts: poetry: pictures; just anything that could come in handy. I have been surfing the web for too long to really work up any kind of irritation or frustration regarding the looks of anything on the net. Most parts of the internets are ugly. You just have to get used to it.

But if I must pick one my choice would of course be No. 2

Jacques Du Bois asks as follow:
-How are you doing today?

-Pretty good. Pretty bad. Just the regular struggling-with-life kind of state of mind.

-What was your original motivation to have the Yahoo group and eventually the PCL blog?

-I’m interested in stuff. I want to find out more.
And I needed desperatly to find a place online to harbor my vast collection of links (my bookmarks was in a chaotic state). That said, I have also always enjoyed sharing the stuff I’m interested in. I enjoy community. I’m a Marxist. I’m a consumer. I’m complex.

-Where do you find this stuff? It's the coolest mix of the bizare and beautiful I know of online.

-Here and there. But my main two sources are my +50 e-lists and my +300 blogroll. And
ice rocket and google (and other search engines) also are very friendly and giving.

-What's your favorite music to listen to?

-No style in particular. However I usually avoid Opera and gangsta rap. Don't ask me why!
Some favorites are: Bob Dylan, Hank Williams, Henry Mancini, Andre Williams, Nick Drake, Ac/Dc, The Cramps, Woody Guthrie, Kraftwerk, Thelonious Monk, Electric Light Orchestra, Esquerita, Dolly Parton, Cassell Webb, Billie Holiday, Esquivel, The Residents, Tav Falco, Piero Piccioni, Lalo Schifrin, Kim Wilde, Captain Beefheart, Beastie Boys, Judas Priest, and a lot of other fantastic stuff!

Sammelsurium wants to know:

-Why do you spend so much time on the internet? (Because, if you answer properly, and I learn why, maybe I could understand my own motivation better?)

-Interesting question.
There are several things that affects my choices of how I'm spending free and spare time.
One thing is that I live alone and have noone to love or to be loved by.
Another thing is that I have very few friends that I can share my interests with.
Another thing is that, if I can’t find people in real life to talk to I need to communicate just as much anyway.
Another thing is my fear of the real world.
I think the last thing is that Internet is great!

Oh, this was a tough question. I tried to be honest. An by god! I was!

Prof Von Schnurgler wonders:

-How much money do you earn who are all dese peeples vy dus my hed feel funny vat a mind boggling lot of questions dog turds? vot does zat mean you're mad all of you hahhahha oh no dere comming to take me avay schnell schnell oops too late

-I do not earn very much. And I guess you’re the new pope. Right?

Jaime came up with these questions:
-Do you believe in a god?

-No. But I have faith. And I believe. In what you may ask? That is what I’m trying to find out...

-Have you ever seen a ufo or ghost or any other irrational seemingly unexplainable thing?

-No. But I’m anxiously waiting

-What were you most scared of as a child?

-My father when he was drunk.

-What are you most scared of today?

-People. The stock market. And the lack of humanity.

-What did you used to do with the time you now spend blogging?

-Buying records. Watching television. Communicating with my inner-being. Reading. Spending time with people I actually didn’t like at all.

-Would you prefer to be locked in a small room with a group of strangers or a group of tame cute fluffy animals?

-Fluffy animals. Easily.

-Do you admire anyone?

-Yes. My best friend. And people who unlike myself have the courrage to speak their mind. But most people are dualistic. There is no way to admire the whole package. You just have to stick with the love for the attractive parts.

Zlatan, perhaps!

Tom McMahon wants some juicy details:
-Any interesting family stories? You know, a great-grandfather who knew somebody famous, an unusual rescue at sea, any of the odd stories that families pass down from generation to generation. Similarly, what are the most interesting/unusual things that have happened to you?

-My grandfather (who was a priest) once rescued my dad (when he was a kid) from being crushed to death by a carousel. He lifted some 3 tons (so the story goes...) to get my dad safe. My grandfather never took on the pride for the miraculous rescue. He said it was his hands lifting the construction – but it was the might of God!

The most interesting/unusual thing that happened to me? Let’s see...

One late night some years ago I puked two times in my right sleeve in less than half an hour. Quite unusual I’d say!

That was that. Thanks for your interest. It was fun. And scary.

Now: On with the show!

/Z aka Sebastian