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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Week 9: Rock'n'roll

Rock´n´roll, that old devils music chasin´ our souls. Hardly anyone knew the truth about that better than the Killer. Knowing he was condemned to an eternity in Hell for pounding out that rhythm, he just couldn´t stop himself – no matter what. A few moments of doubt about his vocation flickered by from time to time, like a sudden flash of lightning under his eyes in a drunk induced sleep. But, what the hell, you are what you are, ain´t nothin´ to do about that. One of those strange moments of doubt occurred while the tape was rolling, forever defining what rock´n´roll really was about in those early glorious days. Yes, it´s just talking but it says more about rock´n´roll than most so-called rock songs. Hey! Even U2 calls themselves a rockband. God damn! It just makes me wanna throw-up! True rock´n´roll class has nothing to do about saving any rainforests or shit like that. No, true class is when John Lennon bends down to kiss your shoe in acknowledgement and you´re only comment is; “take out the trash”. So, fuck those jokers – this is the real deal.
Jerry Lee Lewis & Sam Philips [Click image to see it large]

It all happened back in 1957. It was time to record a follow-up to the hit “Whole Lotta Shakin´ Goin´ On”, along with Jerry in the studio was Billy Lee Riley and – king of kings: Sam Philips. As Jerry poured over the lyrics to “Great Balls of Fire” the meaning of the lyrics suddenly hit him. What the hell was this! Judgement Day? Yeah that´s for sure what it meant. What´s Sam up to? Does he really want him condemned forever. No way!

13. A midnight chat

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