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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Street Art Mags

The excellent German Popnutten blog has a couple of links to some stylish PDF magazines about street art, especially the truly fascinating Bloodwars mag: It's the pet project of designer SFaustina, who continues to impress with a very idiosyncratic and entertaining mix of the freshest of urban re-design efforts. #20 has just been released and is available for download.

ReAnimation has yet to get that far, in fact it's only just started: The first edition of this German-based (?) PDF mag is out now, and it looks quite interesting. I especially liked the feature on the streets of Milano. More to come, I hope.

The Art of The Crime

Over here where I am sitting it's the end of the Carnival season, outside there's hundreds of passers-by swaying homewards, some in pairs, some in groups, and some poor lonely souls as well, and while I find myself contemplating some sweet smiles and curious glances which I've received and exchanged over the last couple of days, let me open my account with a somewhat serene suggestion.

Fabrizio Passerella and Gianluca Costantini are two of the most interesting Italian graphical artists. Both collaborated in the autumn of last year in the project L'Arte del delitto ("The Art of The Crime") . The title is a reference to architect Adolf Loos's modernist claim that "Ornament is crime": Passerella and Costantini in turn tried to vindicate the beauty of decoration and flamboyance. A thoroughly postmodern exercise, of course, but a beautiful one, and the mashup of religious and cultural symbol is probably the most fitting thing to look at, now that the fasting season begins.

I recommend you just let the starting page load, watch the images pass by and let the music soothe you. (The more impatient may click on the "gallery" link which takes you straight to the individual pictures.)

Of the two artists, Costantini seems to be more disposed towards using the Internet as a showcase for his various activities. He has his own website, with a portfolio of illustrations demonstrating his versatility, and a couple of links to other projects he's involved in. I particularly recommend the Political Comics website, with spartanic graphics that somehow remind me of George Grosz, and the InguineMah!Gazine, a webzine about modern comic design: Even if you don't speak Italian, there's lots of stuff to discover if you just click around.

Juan Les Pins

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Juan Les Pins, who'll be guesting in this lovely spot for a couple of days. For those of you who've never heard of Juan, let these few lines serve as a short introduction.

Juan, as the name implies, is of a seriously Southern disposition: Normally you should find him cruising the Corniche, promenading in Portofino, or rambling along the Ramblas. He likes to play cool with the cats from Milan, wax lyrical over the opening bars from Azzurro and dance the night away on the streets of Dubrovnik. So some of his choices over the next days will be coming from that crossroads of cultures that's wedged between Europe, Asia and Africa. But there may be some northernly or westernly breezes as well, for this is a man with a mission, and that mission is: To enjoy himself wherever he may roam.

Some people have argued that Juan may have stolen his name from a rather beautiful Côte d'Azur location which at times has (and still is) also a haven to some of the coolest jazz musicians on earth. Be that as it may, it has to be pointed out that Juan Les Pins does have an Alter Ego, living a fairly ordinary life in a slightly more Northern hemisphere and usually blogging away at clausmosercom.

For the time being, however, make yourself at home in the world of Señor Juan Les Pins. For he'll certainly feel at home here.

Photo found at: [Object not found]

Percussions tropicales

"... No need to be an Exotica specialist to recognize Les Baxter's 1963 "Soul of the drums" LP cover behind this strange "Percussions tropicales" title and this is exactly what it is. ...
... I had never heard of any Les Baxter french release until i found this LP and here it is... "
Read the full post and enjoy Les Baxter "Percussions tropicales" over at Whoops.

Btw - I am more or less taking a break for the rest of the week. But, who knows, maybe a guest will come around and take care of you. ..

Under The Influence Of MP3s

Ciccone Youth - "Into The Groovey" and Love Unlimited - "Under The Influence Of Love" at Badminton Stamps.
Honey Where You Been So Long? reports:: Katherine Baker Helped A Sick Man, When He Was Down And Out. Good for her (and him)!
One track by Ismo Alanko (known from Hassisen Kone and Sielun Veljet) at Sardine Sounds Sensation!
Sugar Hill Gang's "Apache" at Some Velvet Blog.
Sexadelic Dead Hawaiian Fat Guy Dance Party over at Lil Mike's.
And have a little bit of Mardi gras party here and here.


Click dick.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Betty Howard

[Compare montage above with this pic]

Links in this post are NSFW!
Betty Howard ("The Girl Who Has Everything").
"... Betty was a pretty, robust red head, five foot five and a half, with measurements of 40-25-37, known for her energetic performances. " (taken from here)
Here's the Betty Howard Gallery at Image Makers. Here are 2 big and lovely Bruno of Hollywood (aka Bernard of Hollywood) captures: 1 & 2.
You can also enjoy this 5.13 short stripper movie featuring Betty in 'Moonlight Madness' at the Internet Archive.
In 1956 her bumps to the bongo packed Havana theatres (see image above).

Updated: You can now also watch Betty do her thing at YouTube.

Mark Crisanti

"Mark Crisanti doesn't look at things like other people. On dictionary pages, cigar box lids and over vintage stamps he visualizes and then paints characters referenced from his slightly twisted mind. Through the use of simple collage effects he focuses a body of work, that transforms the original material's utilitarian status.
The exhibition's feature is a series of "birdmen" - handsome, quirky male figures in suits with various bird heads painted on dictionary pages. ..."
Mark Crisanti: Gallery 1 & Gallery 2 at Aaron Pecker Gallery.

Splusp's back

Splusp is back from a few weeks' break. You can expect irregular and undefined findings again. Sometimes you'll love it and sometimes you'll ask yourself why I ever bothered posting it, but hey... that's Splusp!!!



Poitier Meets Plato

" okay. this is the writings of Plato, ....as updated by Dr. Henry Drake, ....delivered with all the dignity of voice that the great Sidney Poitier can muster,....all with a jazzy backing music conducted by Fred Katz. ..." says Ben T about this groovy sounding intellectual affair.
Sidney Poitier - Poitier Meets Plato.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

The 45s, mp3 comp.

Note: Updated and on-line again as from 2010!

The 45s mp3 comp. project as posted by HTMPL Prod. is finished. And here it is!
Some unjustly forgotten 45s and some justly so.
Enjoy! 45 rpm. high volume.
1. SMC Ål Star Blosband – A Biker´s Fucking Hell [Week 42, Read Entry]
2. SMC Ål Star Blosband – Lucky Strike
3. How Do I – Knowing Me Knowing You
4. Hansson & Karlsson – Lidingö Airport [Week 43, Read Entry]
5. Hansson & Karlsson – Canada Lumberyard
6. Hansson & Karlsson – Paper-flexi
7. Lemmy & Wendy – Stand By Your Man [Week 44, Read Entry]
8. Lemmy & Wendy – No Class
9. Lemmy & Wendy – Masterplan
10. Lemmy & The Upsetters with Mick Green – Blue Suede Shoes

11. Lemmy & The Upsetters with Mick Green – Paradise
12. The Rings – I Wanna Be Free [Week 45, Read Entry]
13. The Rings - Automobile
14. Trevor White – Crazy Kids [Week 46, Read Entry]
15. The Cannibals – Good Guys
16. Livin´ Sacrifice – Fuck Off [Week 47, Read Entry]
17. Dolly Mixture – Everything and More
18. The Lambrettas – Poison Ivy
19. Ping Ping – Sucu Sucu [Week 48, Read Entry]
20. Tony Bass – Gina Lollobrigida
21. Crass – Merry Crassmas (A-side) [Week 49, Read Entry]
22. Crass – Merry Crassmas (B-side)
23. Crass – Who Dunnit (A-side)

24. Crass – Who Dunnit (B-side)

>Download 'The 45s' mp3 comp. zipped at files.ww or,
>Download 'The 45s' mp3 comp. zipped at MediaFire.

Download front and back cover HERE (files.ww) or
HERE (MediaFire).

(zip-file, opens with Adobe/Acrobat Reader)

"the Percy Trout hour!"

Super-Fizz-Sugar-Popfrom all Over the Globe!

Monday Night 2-27-068 pm to 10pm (EST, USA)

WRFL 88.1fmLexington, Ky.

LISTEN ONLINE:http://wrfl.uky.edu/Pages/listenNow.php


Sweden - Finland. Starting 14.05 (CEST)

Updated: Sorry, Finland, the best team can't always win. Congrats to both of us. We rule at hockey! NHL back off.


The cover art works (mostly) from French cinema photo novels: Ciné-romans.
Nicely put together site (in French). Pick a cover in the stack to explore. (via Agence Eureka)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ute Lemper on Berlin cabarets - listen to this sooner than later - the link won't be up indefinately

Ute Lemper takes us on a tour of the seductive, smoke-filled cabaret clubs of Berlin past and present. A century after cabaret first arrived in Berlin, the city is still synonymous with cabaret in all its guises - from variety acts to subversive satire.

Ute traces the development of the form and asks the latest generation of cabaret artistes whether the contemporary German kabarett has retained its reputation for topical satire and political iconoclasm. Has the current international climate created a new generation of Pirate Jennys?

- BBC 4

Blue Angels and Pirate Jennys

The Sheik of Araby

ANABlog brings us 23 Sheiks! Yes, "The Sheik of Araby" in 23 different versions. Spike Jones (to the left) has done it. The Beatles too. Coleman Hawkins and Dave Edmunds as well.
Words & Music by Harry Smith, Francis Wheeler & Ted Snyder, 1921

Barbed Wire Mp3s

Henry Mancini - "Walk Like An Egyptian" at RockOverGraceland for Stereogum.
"A Night in Tunisia" (& 2 more) by Charlie Parker at The Unwanted Gaze.
Wake-up music for Saturday, February 25 at Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else.
"Barbed Wire Love" - Stiff Little Fingers at Shake Your Fist.
"Teenage Kicks" (The classic vs. the bossa nova vers.) at Rock Star Journalist.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Badman's Tube

Badman's Tube. Presenting cool music videos uploaded to the new cool thing: YouTube.
It's YouTube Galore!


"Fast, Easy Gains of 5-10-15 POUNDS and More Reported."
Click image for even better view at source.

This fantastic Ad from 1971 was uploaded by ChicagoEye to his set of old print ads: The Sam Remo Groove. (via The Ward-O-Matic)

David Lynch posters

David Lynch posters (via web zen)
"I wanted my paintings to move. I wanted them to have sound." - David Lynch.

Playboy cartoons by Eldon Dedini

"You know, I think I'm actually learning quite a lot at my Mother's Knee, Mom."

Stephen Worth has posted even more delicious playboy cartoons from the swinging 60s to the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project Blog (we still remember Erich Sokol's Playboy Cartoons posted at the ASIFA blog here).
Featured this time is Eldon Dedini whom PCL posted about January 17 (see links there for more Dedini works!).
Playboy cartoons by Eldon Dedini.
Note: Some of the scans are probably NSFW.

Brokeback Circus

From the sick clowns who brought you Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children, a sensitive take on Brokeback Mountain.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I loved you well never mind

Ok, so the Big Event last weekend was a blast (despite the fact that my scheduled time in Stockholm all of a sudden got kind of cut off by reasons out of my hand).
Here is 02:51 of that time. I was a little bit back (about 2-3 meters, and in the middle.) in that crowd.
Alex was in great mood. And at some moments well, Alex, I loved you. Well never mind...

Big Star - September Gurls - live Kägelbanan, Stockholm 2006.02.19
Filmed by b-grrrlie (Thanks!)

Better Living Through Television

What a great title for a blog dedicated to celebrate "the history of Television - its highs, its lows ..."
A quite new blog which I was pointed to from Greenbriar Picture Shows (which btw is an excellent site/blog dedicated to the great days of movie exhibition.)
Better Living Through Television's second post is about an interesting building, a billboard and A Great Metropolitan Newspaper.

I think we'll have to do ...

... THIS again!

Week 49 - The 45s: Crass

We’ve always been fond of Crass. This non-compromising band sure did some high energy recording that truly showed their frustration and anger at the, then, current state of affairs. Unfortunately this stance often had them ending up being portrayed in the press as humourless and pretentious with their overtly politically charged music and ideas. None of which was true as they prove in these two singles, for some strange reason these are the only tracks by Crass that don’t remain in print. First out is a merry Christmas medley (1981) of their “hits” played on the cheapest possible Casio synth available at the time. This one also included a competition, as it reads on the cover: SUPER FUN TIME COMPETITION THAT EVERYONE CAN JOIN IN. HERE'S WHAT YOU DO...IT'S EASY. JUST LIST, IN ORDER, THE TITLES OF THE EXCITING CRASS SONGS ON THIS RECORD. THE FIRST THREE CORRECT POSTCARDS TO BE RECEIVED WILL BE SENT THE FOLLOWING GREAT PRIZES...1ST PRIZE... BATHSALTS, 2ND PRIZE...ONE EXPLOITED SINGLE, 3RD PRIZE...TWO EXPLOITED SINGLES. HAVE FUN.

Click for larger view.

The other one, Who Dunnit (1983), is a live sing-a-long recorded down the pub. When you hear the lyrics you’ll know why it’s on brown vinyl. As for us we’re still wondering who keeps putting the shit in nr 10.

Click for larger view.

21. Crass – Merry Crassmas (A-side)
22. Crass – Merry Crassmas (B-side)
23. Crass – Who Dunnit (A-side)
24. Crass – Who Dunnit (B-side)

>Download (all 4 tracks zipped) at Rapidshare or,
>Download (all 4 tracks zipped) at Momoshare or,
>Download (all 4 tracks zipped) at YouSendIt.

Earlier posts by HTMPL Prod. in the 45s mp3 comp. project: Week 42 - Week 43 - Week 44 -Week 45 - Week 46 - Week 47 - Week 48

Blues Culture in Mississippi

Dancers at Junior's III, Chulahoma, MS 1997
"Dancers hit the floor at Junior Kimbrough's juke joint in Chulahoma, MS as Junior's son, guitarist David Kimbrough, plays and sings one of his father's songs. Starting with his house parties in the 1950's and then with the opening of his first juke joint in 1991, Kimbrough established himself as the musical and social center for the African-American community in Marshall Co and the surrounding Hill country. Junior's son and drummer Kinney Kimbrough explains why locals have always responded to his father's music: "People just loved the rhythm of his music," says the younger Kimbrough. "It makes them move.""

Bill Steber is documenting Blues Culture in Mississippi. Here's the gallery. (via The Daily Jive)

Mid-century in print

The Man-From-Mars Radio Hat - "A marvelous dream come true." From an early 1950's Popular Science.
Uploaded by Todd Ehlers. Click hat.

"A place to post *anything* printed, for *any* audience, from the period spanning 1945-1965 (with a little latitude on either end). We're looking for illustrations from sources including, but not limited to, magazines (including advertising), books, packaging, record album covers, etc. ..."
Mid-century in print, pool at Flickr.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Sales flyer for the Levittowner.
The heart of Levittown was the mass-produced, single-family house. Levitt sacrificed individuality and custom design for low-cost efficiency. Still, his Pennsylvania development featured six house models, each in several different styles and model years. Levitt boasted that he had created "the least monotonous mass housing group in the country."

"The brainchild of developer William J. Levitt, Levittown, Pennsylvania was the largest planned community constructed by a single builder in the United States. By the time it was completed in 1958, the development occupied over 5500 acres in lower Bucks County and included churches, schools, swimming pools, shopping centers and 17,311 single-family homes.
To its 70,000-plus residents, Levittown represented the American Dream of homeownership. To many others, Levittown epitomized postwar suburbia—a place often criticized but widely copied. "

Levittown, PA - Building the Suburban Dream
Also: Levittown: Documents of an Ideal American Suburb.

Night Club at After Dark

Night Club at After Dark (various artists) at Sem Sinatra's Solar System of Sound.
This simply can not be bad. Let's check it out!

Mp3s as inspiration

Kopia - Anemon at L'amour à trois.
Karen Carpenter at La Blogothèque.
4 excellent Herbie Hancock tracks at Feed Me Good Tunes.
Spoilt Victorian Child gives us Popol Vuh - Aguirre I.
Undertow Orchestra (David Bazan; Vic Chesnutt; Mark Eitzel and Will Johnson) at The Of Mirror Eye.

Gzowski interviews Iggy Pop

"On March 11, 1977 Iggy Pop, a singer synonymous with a new musical movement called punk rock, joins CBC host Peter Gzowski for an interview. Iggy Pop is wearing black dress pants and a beige blazer but he's forgotten his dress shirt. He's also forgotten his manners and Gzowski's name. He picks at his nails, saying they're dirty, rather than answering the host's questions. But when Gzowski asks him what punk is, Iggy Pop's heavily-lined eyes brighten: "It's a term that's based on contempt." "
Gzowski interviews Iggy Pop, from the CBC Archives: Punk Rock Comes to Canada. (via Fulminatia)

Oswaldo Guayasamin

Process Junkie presents some remarkable art works by Oswaldo Guayasamin.

André Popp "Le coeur en fête"

"You have heard about the loony André Popp of the "Delirium in hi-fi" LP, you have listened to his sexy arrangements on the Francine Laine 45rpm, now be prepared for the groovy progressive Popp of the early seventies ! ..."
André Popp "Le coeur en fête" at Whoops.

Updated: Speaking of Andre Popp; Lorac has uploaded a great cover scan of an EP with Anthony Perkins singing in French (Chante En Francais) with the Andre Popp Orchestra. Thanks.

Selected Works on Paper from Edvard Munch to Gerhard Richter

Max Beckmann (1884 Leipzig - 1950 New York) 'KAHLBAUM', Drypoint. 1919.

Selected Works on Paper from Edvard Munch to Gerhard Richter at Kunsthandel Jörg Maaß. (via gmtPlus9 (-15))

Friday, February 17, 2006

Big Event

Finally! Back Tuesday.
See you then suckers!

/Z aka Sebastian

Yma Sumac Documentary

Yes, this documentary was just uploaded to YouTube (thanks Tod!).
Are you as excited as I am... ?
More: Yma-Sumac.com (Official), "Yma Sumac...the Voice of the Incas" (Essay from Fate Vol. 4, No. 8, 1951)

Listen to Yma! Legend Of The Jivaro and Mambo! (uploaded by Sr. Mexican't)

Updated: Information regarding this Yma Sumac documentary received from the original uploader musicvideos - THANKS!. If you want to download it for keeps. Who doesn't???

You can find the original video for download on EMULE (EMULE-PROJECT.NET) (It's a better quality version) or you can download the macromedia FLV file above, that youtube turns every video you upload into. To do that go here. Then put in the Yma Sumac youtube link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=r7LXmU6FOx4. You will need to find an FLV player to view the file on your computer once it's downloaded....here's a free one.

There you go. Big thanks musicvideos!

A Tribute To John Wayne: American

"This is a strange one I found in Sweden, Dalarna (Gagnef) of all places. Most tracks start with sentimental spoken word about John Wayne and his death. Tom Hartman (Who?) must have been a real fan of the Duke... Don't miss the kid on track 9... I love records like this!", say Magnus of this Incredibly Strange item.
Tom Hartman - A Tribute To John Wayne: American.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Atomage Magazine Appreciation Site: "... here you find detailed information on the publications and history of the world famous Atomage Leather Couture company run by the legendary John Sutcliffe from the 1950's to the late 1980's."
Probably NSFW. (via We-Make-Money-Not-Art)

Updated: Annukka has a much better link for us with BIGGER IMAGES! And MORE IMAGES!

Team Norberg Rocks

Hearts on Fire (.mov, pretty slow but so worth it). Or see it at YouTube (less quality).
Team Anette Norberg and Hammerfall.
Swedish girls and Metal has always been a delicious combination. Add curling and it's dead hot (oops, the ice is melting...).
The Swedish team just played an unexpectedly hard game against the US girls. Exciting game. The Swedes won of course. (via Coudal Partners)
Yep, Josephzohn, a sports post...

The Viking Giant

The Icelandic Giant Jóhann Kristinn Pétursson (Jóhann Svarfdælingur) aka 'The Viking Giant' (Starred as Guadi the Giant in Prehistoric Women 1950).
More photos at Giant and Girls (scroll down). (via Vintage Photographs)
Note: As I told you here 'Prehistoric Women' can be downloaded from the Internet Archive.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sun Ra and His Arkestra

Jazz in Silhouette at Chasradio.

Palm Springs Modern

House of Tomorrow, 1960, Archiect: William Krisel (photograph are from a Look Magazine article focusing on this house, and owner/developer Bob Alexander and his wife, Helene (September 25, 1962))
Click image for large view at source.

The Desert Modern style in the Palm Springs area (architects and buildings). Here's to the atomic age!
More eye candy like this over at Vintage Palm Springs Postcards (check out: The Bob Hope home; The Frank Sinatra home and the Liberace's Palm Springs Home and much more.) (via Martin Klasch)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

'Today's Puzzle Volume II' by Troy Cory

Pastor McPurvis tells us: "Up this week we're sharing the dulcet tones of crooner Troy Cory, who does indeed live up to the album's title. Just who was/is this guy? At first, one could take in the cover art and easily dismiss Mr. Cory as just another smarmy, open-shirted lounge lizard. However, if you dig a little deeper into the recording and Mr. Cory himself, more and more curious facts emerge. A Google search reveals several websites that seem to be run by Mr. Cory detailing his ample and apparently quite popular performing career in China. ...
... Mr. Cory's interpretations of the tunes are definitely unique and hard to describe. It is a strange mix of lounge and country that grabs your ear forces you to listen, if only to find out what his is going to do to the song next. In recent years, Mr. Cory (who's real name is Keith Stubblefield) has dedicated a large amount of effort and time trying to get his grandfather recognition for his early experiments in radio and wireless telephone technology. He has written a book that describes his grandfather as the true inventor of radio. The debate is still out on that however. Just another piece that doesn't quite fit in the puzzle that is Troy Cory. Have fun listening and as always, Enjoy!"
Read even more and have a listen at 'Today's Puzzle Volume II' by Troy Cory.

Claudio Edinger

'Carnaval, Rio 1991' (in carnaval/madness)

Claudio Edinger - Photographer. (via 1mag3)

Katie Cruel

The Sand - Katie Cruel (Voice by Karen Dalton - Music by Chenard Walcker) New release from Free Sample Zone.


"Jewish garage band featuring melodic guitar folk instros and reverb rockers, some fuzz. One track from the "Jerusalem" LP appears on the "Riot City" compilation."

"The ACID ARCHIVES OF UNDERGROUND SOUNDS is the #1 Internet resource for information and reviews of rare, obscure and unknown LPs from the USA and Canada 1965-82"
The ACID ARCHIVES OF UNDERGROUND SOUNDS. (via del.icio.us/margann)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Peter Lenzo

Peter Lenzo at Ferrin Gallery. Sculptures.
Work displayed here to the left is "Fetish (aftermath of Hal) Helmet Head"

Swedish Metal Aid - Give A Helping Hand

In 1985 Joey Tempest was asked to write a song for the charity project Swedish Metal Aid. He wrote "Give A Helping Hand" which would feature the biggest stars of Swedish rock and metal.

See also Europe - The Final Countdown

The Green Hornet OTS

"Billy May filling in for Nelson Riddle (BATMAN) with the Soundtrack to the mid 60's swingin tv show Green Hornet.
This baby swings from 1966…this is taken from a pals Japanese Cd reissue which is now OOP. This even has the AL Hirt version of the theme featured in Kill Bill By Director QT
some cool bonus stuff..enjoy baby….LET IT SNOW !!!! ..."
The Green Hornet - Original Television Score. Enjoy it at RockOverGraceland.

Right On! Soul Hits

"Right On Soul Hits - the stone smashes that are in the charts today! The big ones written by James Brown, Joe Tex, Marvin Gaye, Wilson Pickett and a host of others. The tunes that are lighting up the soul charts from New Orleans to Boston - L.A. to New York. A right on collection in the original sound." (From the Liner Notes, right Fronning?)
Martin Klasch offers Right On! Soul Hits.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Latin Beat!

Xavier Cugat & His Waldolf-Astoria Orchestra - The Latin Beat at Chasradio.

Hoezepoesen / sleevegirls

A "hoezepoes" or sleeve girl is a woman on a record sleeve who isn't (one of the) recorded artist(s). From my own record collection I have randomly released over 100 girls from their sleevery: I've edited all text and logo's out.

enlargable thumbnails at


Deadly Weapons

NSFW: The trailer for Deadly Weapons (at YouTube), starring Chesty Morgan. (via We-Make- Money-Not-Art)
More info about Deadly Wepons at IMDb, and a lengthier review here. Boom Boom.

Week 48 - The 45s, Ping Ping & Tony Bass

We don’t know much about these two. Ping Pings single was a hit back in 1961, well in Italy at least. What a chorus: "Sucu Sucu: Ay,ay,ay, negra bandina / Sucu,sucu, te voy a dar / Ay,ay,ay, negra bandina / Sucu,sucu, te voy a dar." Tony Bass was quite a hit maker in the Netherlands, as far as we know he is still at it. Here’s his wonderful 1969 tribute to Gina.

pcl2 pcl2
Click images.

19. Ping Ping – Sucu Sucu
20. Tony Bass – Gina Lollobrigida

>Download (both tracks zipped) at Rapidshare or,
>Download (both tracks zipped) at Momoshare or,
>Download (both tracks zipped) at YouSendIt.

Earlier posts by HTMPL Prod. in the 45s mp3 comp. project: Week 42 - Week 43 - Week 44 -Week 45 - Week 46 - Week 47

Updated: Ton Rückert informs us that Tony Bass died last October. Sorry to hear that.