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Friday, February 24, 2006

Playboy cartoons by Eldon Dedini

"You know, I think I'm actually learning quite a lot at my Mother's Knee, Mom."

Stephen Worth has posted even more delicious playboy cartoons from the swinging 60s to the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project Blog (we still remember Erich Sokol's Playboy Cartoons posted at the ASIFA blog here).
Featured this time is Eldon Dedini whom PCL posted about January 17 (see links there for more Dedini works!).
Playboy cartoons by Eldon Dedini.
Note: Some of the scans are probably NSFW.


Jim said...

I'm looking for an old cartoon that i think was in the early playboy mag.It had an old lady with a bun in her hair and low sagging boobs to her knees. I'm going through another youth crises and building another motorcycle.By the way i'm 67 and my wife passed away in 2002.I wish to air brush this cartoon drawing on one gas tank and a little old man on the other.I can't recall an old man picture i want but if you can think of one, please send it or let me know.Thanks....Jim Bird....email address is jimbird1943@hotmail.com....again THANK YOU