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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Week 49 - The 45s: Crass

We’ve always been fond of Crass. This non-compromising band sure did some high energy recording that truly showed their frustration and anger at the, then, current state of affairs. Unfortunately this stance often had them ending up being portrayed in the press as humourless and pretentious with their overtly politically charged music and ideas. None of which was true as they prove in these two singles, for some strange reason these are the only tracks by Crass that don’t remain in print. First out is a merry Christmas medley (1981) of their “hits” played on the cheapest possible Casio synth available at the time. This one also included a competition, as it reads on the cover: SUPER FUN TIME COMPETITION THAT EVERYONE CAN JOIN IN. HERE'S WHAT YOU DO...IT'S EASY. JUST LIST, IN ORDER, THE TITLES OF THE EXCITING CRASS SONGS ON THIS RECORD. THE FIRST THREE CORRECT POSTCARDS TO BE RECEIVED WILL BE SENT THE FOLLOWING GREAT PRIZES...1ST PRIZE... BATHSALTS, 2ND PRIZE...ONE EXPLOITED SINGLE, 3RD PRIZE...TWO EXPLOITED SINGLES. HAVE FUN.

Click for larger view.

The other one, Who Dunnit (1983), is a live sing-a-long recorded down the pub. When you hear the lyrics you’ll know why it’s on brown vinyl. As for us we’re still wondering who keeps putting the shit in nr 10.

Click for larger view.

21. Crass – Merry Crassmas (A-side)
22. Crass – Merry Crassmas (B-side)
23. Crass – Who Dunnit (A-side)
24. Crass – Who Dunnit (B-side)

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