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Friday, February 10, 2006


"The Hype Machine is a web site that gathers songs posted on MP3 blogs and presents them in an easy to consume manner. Easily listen, discover and buy [edit mrdantefontana: they don't sell music but point in] songs that everyone is talking about! ..."
Exactly that. PCL LinkDump is one of these blogs. Though we wouldn't dare call this page an MP3 blog. But we like Hype Machine and have found a lot of music as well as blogs through that site. So if you haven't been there yet...
And btw: they have a list of the 50 most popular "mp3" blogs added to the site. To my big surprise we're there and we're pretty high up on that list (based on bookmarks on del.icio.us and links at Technorati)!
Nice. Hybris is around the corner.
The Hype Machine.