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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Week 47 - The 45s, punk attitude

Swedish all-girl punk band Livin´ Sacrifice (here's a page with some live photo's from Långholmsfestivalen 1980) only did a single and one LP before calling it quits. Here’s a sample from that really great punk single (Rosa Honung, 1981), the only english speaking track, with the immortal line: "go on home and screw your dog." Dolly Mixture was the female answer to the Undertones, but never hit the charts like the latter. A real shame cause this was a really great band, releasing only four singles and an EP before calling it a day in 1984. The only thing that remains in print is their wonderful posthumous collection Demonstration Tapes, a collection of demos. We would really like to see a collection of their singles and EP as well. This, their third single, was released on Paul Wellers Respond label in 1982 and produced by Captain Sensible, for whom the girls sang backing vocals during his heydays with A&M. We round off with another would be hit, although this one actually sniffed at the charts in the UK, the Lambrettas mod-upped version of Poison Ivy (1980).
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16. Livin´ Sacrifice – Fuck Off
17. Dolly Mixture – Everything and More
18. The Lambrettas – Poison Ivy

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Updated: MadcatJoey informs: "The Dolly Mixture were a great band that should have been as popular as Bananarama. Singer Debsey Wyckes went on to sing backup for St. Etienne, and she formed the band Birdy. They released a great album in 1999 called Some Dusty. Well worth checking out. "