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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Orquesta Maravella

"Here’s one of the best Spanish orchestras. From Catalan town named Caldes de Malavella, this orchestra still exists on our days. More than 50 years working around European scene, you can check it looking at the back cover. They recorded a lot of stuff in sixties and seventies covering international pop hits directed by Luis Ferrer, the most interesting work of their discography. Inside the zip file you can find a vinyl from 68 which includes a great cover of Soul Finger, a French classic (Love is Blue), and the winner Spanish song of '68 European Song Contest (Eurovision) titled La la la. "
Orquesta Maravella - ¡¡Baile ritmos de hoy con la Orquesta Maravella!! (1968) available at Phil Musical's Lounge Corner.