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Monday, February 06, 2006

AC/DC Live at Nyckelhålet, Höllviken 1976!

" In the summer of 1976 AC/DC made their first tour in Sweden. The venues were quite small and the group only played five places including The Cortina Dancehall in Falkenberg the 16:th, Nyckelhålet (The Keyhole) in Höllviken the 17:th, Glädjehuset in Stockholm the 21:th, Barbarella Disco in Växjö the 23:rd and Racerbanan (The Speedway) in Anderstorp the 24:th. ...
... AC/DC was supported by two swedish dancebands called Chinox and Matz-Ronnies, and the group was billed as "Australias answer to Status Quo". The show started at 20.00 and the price was twenty swedish crones which is two dollars. Minimum age was 15 years and you were required to wear clothes suitable for dance! ..."