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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mysterious Island (1929) - excerpt

raymondo1960 tells us "This film was the 'Waterworld' of its day, running into endless production delays and skyrocketing budgets. They tried to save it by inserting some hastily filmed dialog scenes, but it still flopped at the box office. This is an excerpt where the marooned submarine crew decides to explore the depths and meet the frog people who inhabit the strange underwater world. Cool stuff! Pretty neat special effects for its time. It looks like something straght out of a 1920s Amazing Stories illustration."

Added by raymondo1960

Extras: Mysterious Island (1929) IMDb entry, and here's the movie title screen at Shill pages.

Bollywood Dreams

"In the court yard of " Roopam" cinema in Chennai (Madras). A boy stretching his hand, trying to touch the lips of a painted larger than life image of his favorite actress film star."

Bollywood Dreams - Photographs and Texts by Jonathan Torgovnik. (via PLEP)

Rudolf Schwarzkogler

Rudolf Schwarzkogler, at Galerie Krinzinger. (via
gmtPlus9 (-15))

Download Another Percy Trout hour!

"the Percy Trout hour!"
from all Over the Globe!

Download Another Show from the Archives

Another meaningless project at splusp!!! but...

...I do it for Elise. Here's episode one at PCL. Follow the rest over time at splusp!!!

"The versatile THOMAS PLAYMATE 1330 contains warm authentic voices at its heart . (...) To increase even further the scope and variety of music available, THOMAS have designed very unique modules which can be fitted to the PLAYMATE. These include the FANNY VOICE-to give you an exciting new world of instumental effects, the ORCHESTRAL PRESENCE-to make the PLAYMATE sound richer and grander, the ARPEGGIO MAGIC-to give the full keyboard arpeggio and the COLOR-GLO MUSIC SCANNER which gives a visual metronome with a moving light beam, that tells you what note to play, when to play it, and how long to hold it."

I'm the proud owner of a copy of this debut album signed by Tony Pegler himself. For this special occasion I offer you three download possibilities:

download (rapidshare)
download (yousendit)
download (the box)

"N.B. This recording was made on a Thomas Playmate 1330-8 without any accompaniment and without the use of multitracking."


" Melvyn Price from Detroit (USA) plays Congas and Bongos, Lennart Sandsjö (Sweden) plays Bass. Melvyn released this LP on his own label in 1970 after requests from Jazz Ballet students. ...", Magnus tells us with a huge smile on his face.
Melvyn Price - Jazzbalettrytmer.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"A rolling Gothic Cathedral"

"Carthedral is a 1971 Cadillac hearse modified with 1959 Cadillac tailfins. Welded on top is a VW beetle and metal armatures with fiber glass. Carthedral is a rolling Gothic Cathedral complete with flying buttresses, stained glass pointed windows, and gargoyles. ... Carthedral was designed and built by, - Rebecca Caldwell."
Carthedral. (via Neatorama)

Visual Guidance for May

Index of the music videos I posted in May to my other blog, Mr Dante Fontana's Visual Guidance LTD.
Incl. good stuff like:
Sonic Youth - Sunday
Lightnin' Hopkins - Bunion Stew
Bobbie Gentry - Niki Hoeky / Ode To Billie Joe
X-ray spex: Oh bondage, up yours!
John Fahey - The Death of The Clayton Peacock

and of course:
Zanini - Tu veux ou tu veux pas:

Video originally uploaded by Videonostalgie

Updated: Listen to the original version of Zanini's track, Wilson Simonal's - "Nem vem que não tem" and BB's version at Schlocker ...........

Fall in the summer time

The Fall: Live at Boulder Theatre, Boulder, Colorado, May 26, 2006.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Fragments from family

fragments from family. #10. Click image to view it at source.

"recontextualizing/exploding my family photo albums."
Starring Peter Criss!
Fragments from family, a set at Flickr uploaded by zenbomb. (via FlickrBlog)

Mp3s of the Pack

Desmond Dekker & The Aces - "Bongo Gal" & "Pickney Girl" at The Number One Songs In Heaven.
Peter Sellers, International Man of Mystery shows up at ANABlog.
Early Joy Division (aka Warsaw) over at Something I learned today....
'Leader Of The Pack' at mod-ified music.
Stry & Stripparna Malmö City E.P. 7" at Killed By Death Records.

Actors in Character

Chevy Chase.
1. You are realizing that the woman at the corner holding open her raincoat is wearing nothing else.
2. ...hearing your adolescent daughter proudly announce that she's had "something" pierced.

Photo Essay (by Howard Schatz) - Actors in Character at Time. (via Bibi's Box)

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Is he still drunk?

Can someone tell me why there are so many googling for John Wayne Drunk these days?
I can hardly believe it has someting to do with this memorial day business...

/Z aka Sebastian, sober

Félix Labisse

Histoire naturelle : le Phylactère

The art of Félix Labisse at Place des Arts Paris. (via IWR)

Brazil Goes Åtvidaberg

It's the summer of 1966. The Brazilian national football team has been invited to the Swedish town of Åtvidaberg by the AB Facit company, at the time a large successful producer of calculators and typewriters. It is all a part of the Brazilian team's training program for the World Cup in England later in the summer. They have just played a training game against Åtvidaberg FF and now it's relaxation and party time. Singer Lill Lindfors is there entertaining, Pelé, guys in viking helmets and meat is being grilled over the Churasqueiras...

Via Martin Klasch and
Josephzohn gås blogger
Note: Is the film looped? Right-click and unmark play when you get tired of it or unmark loop. :)

Updated: Flash clip has been disabled due to complains. I can't say I blame you...
View the clip here!

Hillbilly Holiday

PappyStuckey has uploaded an amazingly fun pop cultural artefact to YouTube.
As he says: "Hard to know where to start here... don't know Chuck Palmer, but this genius manages to jam a balloon solo, a Spanish hillbilly, lots of oogling from the band, a tooth solo, a weirdly shaped guitar (with hanging jug!), banjo with attachments and a vertically challenged accordion player into a short 2:39... "

Chuck Palmer and Rangers - Hillbilly Holiday (Hand Me Down My Walking Cane) from 1941.

Good Morning to you all!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Well, ladies, what are you waiting for..

The number to my telegraph operator is 666, don't forget to tell your local operator to transmit the kiss in 2400 Hz for best resolution. Thank you!

"Telegraph Kisses Are New Fad
Sending kisses by wire is a new use for facsimile telegraph transmission. Recently a New York girl kissed a telegram blank and the lipstick impression was placed on the facsimile transmitter, as at left, to be reproduced for delivery in Chicago."
Click image for enlargement.

Telegraph Kisses Are New Fad as scanned and posted at Modern Mechanix.

Our favorite raisin chick walks and talks!

1923 - 1970 and ... 2006!

Well, The Sun-Maid Girl, 90 years old, is more active than ever before. She now appears in commercials walking and talking! The red sunbonnet is there, the basket with the grapes (greener than ever) is there and the sun is shining. What's her mystery diet or health tip to keep this fit for almost 10 decades? She says: "grapes and sunshine!".
Ok, Ibiza, here I come!

Read more about the makeover for the Sun-Maid at Chicago Tribune. (via The Beat)

"... For her part, the newly contemporary Sun-Maid girl appears in TV ads.

"She's got legs now and moves, walks and talks," says Mark Bagley, senior vice president for marketing and sales.

All things considered, the old girl has aged pretty well.

"She doesn't look a bit over 90," Bagley quips."

Zarah Leander

WFMU's Beware of the Blog appreciates Zarah Leander, The Shortest Distance from Hitler to The Velvet Underground.
Listen especially to "Vad Skönt Att Man Inte Är Ung" (transl~ I'm Glad I'm Not Young Anymore) which has got some really witty lyrics penned by Beppe Wolgers. And it's title is something you can relate to better and better as the years go by ...
If you are not Swedish - enjoy THAT voice and THAT stamina.
Zarah at Wikipedia
Zarah Leander - Das Archiv von Paul Seiler (In German)

How Vinyl Records Are Made

How Vinyl Records Are Made Part 1 & How Vinyl Records Are Made Part 2 (both these "how it's made" films found at YouTube and were originally from Discovery Channel).
Now, let's go back and have a sniff.

List of music genres suffixed -core

From Wikipedia: List of music genres suffixed -core. (via Linkfilter.net)

Here are some examples from the generous list of genres (and mood swings):
Happycore - variety of swift, hard trance music
Hobocore - Various forms of -core metal but with the implications of living a homeless lifestyle
Polkacore - fusion of hardcore punk and polka
Queercore - style of hardcore punk with gay and lesbian-themed lyrics
Sadcore - style of late 80s indie rock with sadness and loneliness-themed lyrics

Friday, May 26, 2006

The Incredible Hulk, music to get real angry to

Joe Harnell - The Incredible Hulk available at ScoreBaby Annex.
Note: Learn more about Joe Harnell at the Space Age Pop Music pages.

The Incredible Hulk (1978) TV series opening:

Added by Nemesis2099

Also be sure to watch this great scene from the series: David Banner Lets the Sunshine In (high on Acid). He turns on and gets very angry. Trippy! Moral: Muscles and dope - bad combination.

Sleevegirls project continues


Oh, America

When will we EVER learn?

Raunchy Reading for Randy Repose

Night music

After GWAR I think we desperatly need to sooth things down a bit. And who could do that magic better than Mr. Nordine (or whatya say Kjell?).

Added by oddtodio

Updated: More Ken Nordine on YouTube: "Cliche Heaven" (via Audio-History) and "Yellow" (thanks to Aaron).

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Gwar - Saddam A Go-Go

(via Mr. Dante Fontana's Visual Guidance LTD)

Mp3 Lightnin'

WFMU's Beware of the Blog pleads Guilty!
Lordi's Hallelujah sream has faded. My Old Kentucky Blog shares 43 versions Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah (incl. his own of course).
The Church - 'Constant in opal' at Let's kiss and make up...
Stompin' 'White Lightnin' & 'You Belong To Me' (+ 2 unreleased tracks) from Rev. Tom Frost's New Album.
Rusty Warren Wish She Could Shimmy Like Her Sister Kate at Boot Sale Sounds.

Diana Palmer

oh Diana love is sweet
and pure as a golden ring
your mystic lover at your feet
will give you everything

your mother fears you’ll turn into
an old maid that shares no love
she does not know that every night
you count the stars above

oh diana it’s hard to keep a secret
when you’re young and glad
but if you whisper anything
your man will be hurt so bad

your father thinks you’re mentally ill
he wants to give you electric shocks
he does not know that every night
you receive a chocolate box

oh your life has changed so much
since you met your mystic man
your old friends seem so empty now
you avoid them if you can

the empire state building
is so very tall
you work there almost every day
and then you feel so small

there are nearly a million persons in
the subway every day
it’s strange to think that none of them knows
of the love that’s come your way

your mystic man was so very clean
the day he came your way
his pajamas was so icy blue
his eyes so icy gray

oh Diana love is sweet but it changes your life so much
and it makes you so depressed and ill
when he’s not there to touch

when he looked into your eyes
he woke up something wild
then you knew that you had turned
to a woman from a child

when you started to paint an eye-line
you didn’t know what for
since you’ve met your man you’ll paint
eye-line for ever more

Click here to listen to 'Diana Palmer' as recorded By Love Explosion (japp, svensk progg!).
(thanks to regnljus, fulpo calsokk)

A-mazin' animated android

A Short film about an android trapped inside of a large maze and has no idea how to find its way out. The maze is vast and filled with many surprises.
Android 207 by Paul Whittington. (via Screenhead)

Concerto iPod Table

(via Core77's Design Blog)

Dutch corporate records

More than two and a half hours of Dutch corporate songs from mainly the sixties at splusp taken from a nightly radioshow from somewhere between 1995 and 2000, produced and presented by collector and expert Frits Jonker.

part one
part two
part three

To please the boss of this blog the sound files are uploaded to rapidshare as well as to yousendit ;-)

Splendida Project

"An eclectic mix of sights and sounds provided by our contributors"

Exactly that. We are talking about a kind of super mp3 blog I've been waiting for.

The super team (at this moment - more to join?):
modcentric (blog: mod-ified music), IanB (blog: RetroBabe! ~ Redux), mordi (blog: blowupdoll), guapo (blog: dang!), Guuzbourg (blog: Filles Sourires), Bruno (blogs: Schlocker .......... & 2 minutes of bliss 2 and also the instigator of this project), Wouter (blog: The Blues are still Blue), Lush (blog: Dans Mon Café) and R. (blogs: S-q-u-a-r-e and Quite Quite Fantastic, both now closed)

Splendida Project. Check it out. Lots of posts (and music) already.

Zippy on Blogging

Week 63: Turn On with the Hip Hypnotist

Publicity still

Pat Collins a.k.a. the Hip Hypnotist had a night club on Los Angeles Sunset Strip in the 1960s and -70s where she hypnotized people and taught self-hypnosis as a way to overcome psychological problems – even hypnotising Lucille Ball on 'the Lucy Show' once. Here’s her 1968 album 'Turn On with the Hip Hypnotist'.

Click image for far better view.
Thanks to Matt for the cover image!

1. Turn On (spoken)
2. Imagination
3. I Only Have Eyes For You
4. I´ll See You In My Dreams
5. Goin´ Out Of My Head
6. You Steeped Out Of My Dream

>Download ("Turn On with the Hip Hypnotist" zipped) at MediaFire or
>Download ("Turn On with the Hip Hypnotist" zipped) at files.ww

"The Full Monty" as posted by HTMPL Prod.: Week 62: 'Beat Girl'

Updated: We have received (in comments) what seems to be some quite accurate biography notes on Miss Pat Collins from Maelene Collins-Grenat (whom I believe actually could be Pat Collins daughter):

"Pat Collins did her performance in the early 60's at clubs until she opened her own club on the Sunset strip at the corner of Sunset and Doheny next to gil Turners Liquer. Where she did her show and also held self hypnosis classes. Then in the early 80 she closed the club and moved to Reno Nv and performed at the MGM and in Tahoe. She only did a brief appearance in Las Vegas about 1981. She appeared on almost every talk show you can think of from late 60's through the 70's. ( I would love to have copies of them if any one has one) She played her self in Divorice American Style, The Lucy Show, & an episode of the Bill Dana Show. She played a caricature called BABS IVAR in an episode of the Honey West Show. She was also on an episode of Whats My Line and a show called No Time for Seargents. She made 2 record albums the one listed here and another called Sleep With Pat Collins. She never did a tv show although it would have been great. I am sure that she was concerned about people thinking it was rigged. She became ill and in her 60's decided to stop performing and moved back to southern california where she passed in 1997. If you would like her image on coffee mug or other items please let me know. Thanks for reading and keeping her memory alive."

Thank you Maelene!

Geoffrey Holder And His Trinidad Hummingbirds

"Mid fifties Riverside "World Folk Music Series" release of Geoffrey Holder's first recordings as a singer. The download includes a hi-res scan of the back cover with extensive notes about the performance and recordings. Holder went on to become a celebrated dancer, choreographer, film actor, theatre director and painter. Read a brief biography here ."
Fidelisharium shares 'Songs Of The Caribbean' by Geoffrey Holder And His Trinidad Hummingbirds.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

DeMille's epic 'The Sign of the Cross'

" ... Claudette Colbert is happily naked in her first scene, bathing in "wild asses’ milk." One immediately ponders the distinction, if any, between wild ass milk, and a similar beverage harvested from a tame ass, though chances are you’ll be angling for a glimpse of Claudette’s, be it tame or wild. I promise you’ll not be fiddling with the remote or the Frito bag during this sequence. ..."

"... Depression jitters and friction with Paramount bosses dictated a lower budget --- half of it coming out of DeMille’s purse --- amazing how far (less than) $700,000 went in those days. Some would say it’s a bit sluggish at times. True enough --- but when this show lights up, it’s pure incandescence. There’s three wallops --- the milk bath, Fredric March’s at-home sex orgy, and a coliseum bloodbath that’s the all-time grand slam of pre-code excesses --- it took a lot of sick minds working overtime to dream up this stuff, and all of us should be profoundly grateful for their efforts. ..."

John McElwee of Greenbriar Picture Shows writes about Cecil B. DeMille's 'The Sign of the Cross', recently released on DVD.
Read more here: Pre-Code DeMille On DVD.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Logo tutorial

How to make an awesome logo. (via del.icio.us/robbytherobot)


Hi, Percy Trout here.

I recently took part in the "Blowup Doll" mp3 blog's "Blowup Doll Mix Club." Basically, it's a pen-pal deal where you get another yokel's name and address from somewhere on this planet and you exchange mix cd's through the globe's postal services.

Anyway, here's a link to my first mix i just sent off to a lucky gent way over there in Sweden. The files include all the mp3 tracks as well as front and back cover art w/track listings.

Percy's Mix.

Blowup Doll.

Stay Ginchy,
Percy Trout

Check the Cool Wax!

Click cover art for entries.

Check the Cool Wax is an ultra cool mp3 blog. Yeah, check those waxes out: Satan In High Heels; Orient Delight; I'll Take Sweden Yah Yah Yah [No, you don't, Mr. Avalon!]; Swinging Dors and much, much more.
(via Blogio Oddio)

Freaks and Witches

... speaking about movies!
Bibi just made Tod Browning's 'Freaks' [IMDb] and Benjamin Christensen's 'Häxan' [IMDb] available in all their cult movie glory at Google Video. Way to go girl!!

Switchblade Sisters Trailer

The Trailer for Jack Hill's exploitation gem Switchblade Sisters. Another favorite film of Quentin Tarantino's (with another eye patched sweetheart).
Here's a great interview with Jack Hill conducted by Robert Berry of retroCRUSH.
Note: This trailer is probably NSFW.

Added by NinjaCub

Le Voyou by Francis Lai

Kristof of Space Debris says: "Another OST. This time to the first Claude Lelouch thriller, Le Voyou.
A most succesful soundtrack is provided by Francis Lai. This has only been released on EP (as many other French soundtracks) and I was lucky to score a copy on a flea market last month. ..."

Excellent stuff!
Le Voyou OST.

David Plunkert


David Plunkert - Illustrations. (via Martin Klasch)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Lou Patrou

The art of Lou Patrou. The galleries are here. (via Jaf Project)

Listen to the Percy Trout hour Tonight!

"the Percy Trout hour!"
from all Over the Globe!

Monday Night 5-22-06
8pm to 10pm (EST, USA)

WRFL 88.1fm
Lexington, Ky.


Men With Banjos Who Know How To Use Them

Men With Banjos Who Know How To Use Them - "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" (link goes to Real Player video)
It's a banjo jam session with Steve Martin, Earl Scruggs, Pete Wernick, Charles Wood and Tony Ellis. From The Late Show. (via Bifurcated Rivets)