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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Another meaningless project at splusp!!! but...

...I do it for Elise. Here's episode one at PCL. Follow the rest over time at splusp!!!

"The versatile THOMAS PLAYMATE 1330 contains warm authentic voices at its heart . (...) To increase even further the scope and variety of music available, THOMAS have designed very unique modules which can be fitted to the PLAYMATE. These include the FANNY VOICE-to give you an exciting new world of instumental effects, the ORCHESTRAL PRESENCE-to make the PLAYMATE sound richer and grander, the ARPEGGIO MAGIC-to give the full keyboard arpeggio and the COLOR-GLO MUSIC SCANNER which gives a visual metronome with a moving light beam, that tells you what note to play, when to play it, and how long to hold it."

I'm the proud owner of a copy of this debut album signed by Tony Pegler himself. For this special occasion I offer you three download possibilities:

download (rapidshare)
download (yousendit)
download (the box)

"N.B. This recording was made on a Thomas Playmate 1330-8 without any accompaniment and without the use of multitracking."