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Sunday, May 21, 2006



I have decided to not link to vinyl shares / mp3 comps. (as well as other files) only shared via RapidShare in the future.
I spoke about this matter here (where you will also be able to see the reasons).
I think this is a good and healthy decision for me cause it will exclude 95% of the blogs/sites I usually link to. Less blogging for me. :-)
In some cases I will, in spite of my decision here above, link to some shares anyway but supplying a link here at PCL of the upload (downloaded at RS by myself) at another file host.
The site owner (the original uploader) may then use these links at their site if they wish. I cheer You to! And I will remove the link(s) to the files here at the entry.

I hope you're ok with this.

I uploaded the "Beat Girl" to 4 different free file hosts. It took me half an hour.

All the best!

/Z aka Sebastian