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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Splendida Project

"An eclectic mix of sights and sounds provided by our contributors"

Exactly that. We are talking about a kind of super mp3 blog I've been waiting for.

The super team (at this moment - more to join?):
modcentric (blog: mod-ified music), IanB (blog: RetroBabe! ~ Redux), mordi (blog: blowupdoll), guapo (blog: dang!), Guuzbourg (blog: Filles Sourires), Bruno (blogs: Schlocker .......... & 2 minutes of bliss 2 and also the instigator of this project), Wouter (blog: The Blues are still Blue), Lush (blog: Dans Mon Café) and R. (blogs: S-q-u-a-r-e and Quite Quite Fantastic, both now closed)

Splendida Project. Check it out. Lots of posts (and music) already.