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Friday, May 12, 2006

Week 61 - Even More Celebs: Madonna & Dave!

One of the more memorable late night shows moments was in march 1994 when Dave Letterman talked to Madonna. It eventually ended up being the most censored moment in talk show history. Madonna, using the word fuck and double entrendres frequently, proved to be quite a match for Dave whom usually aren’t lost for words. Here it is in all its uncensored glory.
61 madonna & dave letterman

Madonna - You know, you really changed since the last time I was on the show.
Dave - Well we haven't seen you in like six years or seven years.
Madonna - You used to be really kind of, like, cool.
Dave - I know, there is no bigger dweeb than me.
Madonna - Money's made you soft.
Dave - Really? You think so?
Madonna - Yeah.
Dave - In what sense?
Madonna - Because you just kiss up to everybody on your show now. You do, man. You're always kissing up to like, all - I see all these, like, you know, movie stars coming here, and you're just all ga-ga. You should just give people a hard time.
Dave - Yeah? I can suspend that behaviour tonight if you'd like.
Madonna - I believe you have already.

Here you can find a transcript of the interview.

19. Madonna & Dave – Part 1
20. Madonna & Dave – Part 2
21. Madonna & Dave – Part 3
22. Madonna & Dave – Part 4

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