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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Week 62 - The Full Monty: Beat Girl

We’re going for the full Monty for a month. No need to worry – there wont be any nudie pictures of the staff and we won’t run around the office naked either, at least not more than usual. Instead you get to look at and listen to a full album every week for a month.

Beat Girl is one of our favourite juvenile delinquent flicks. It also has one of the best scores, composed by John Barry for whom this was his first film score before he went on to fame with James Bond and the likes. Released in 1960 this was also the first long playing album of a film score released in Britain. A wonderful blend of hard hitting rock´n´roll, big brass section and a bit of jazz.
62. Beat Girl

If someone got a decent cover scan (ar at least a better image) to share please leave a message.

01. Beat Girl (Main Title)
02. The Off Beat
03. I Did What You Told Me (vocal by Adam Faith)
04. London Home Rock
05. Time Out
06. The Sharks
07. The Beat Girl Song (vocal by Adam Faith)
08. City 2000 A.D.
09. The Stripper
10. The Cave/Beat Girl/Kids Stuff
11. Made You (vocal by Adam Faith)

12. Car Chase/Night Chase
13. Chicken
14. Blues for Beatniks
15. It's Legal (vocal by Shirley Anne Field])
16. The Immediate Pleasure
17. Blondie's Strip
18. End Shot/Slaughter in Soho/Beat Girl (Main Title)

>Download ("Beat Girl" zipped) at files.ww or
>Download ("Beat Girl" zipped) at Files Upload or
>Download ("Beat Girl" zipped) at zShare.

Updated: elsebasto also shares this OST (but taken from an out-of print french cd), where you can pick up a decent scan from the inside booklet. Thanks elsebasto!