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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Brazil Goes Åtvidaberg

It's the summer of 1966. The Brazilian national football team has been invited to the Swedish town of Åtvidaberg by the AB Facit company, at the time a large successful producer of calculators and typewriters. It is all a part of the Brazilian team's training program for the World Cup in England later in the summer. They have just played a training game against Åtvidaberg FF and now it's relaxation and party time. Singer Lill Lindfors is there entertaining, Pelé, guys in viking helmets and meat is being grilled over the Churasqueiras...

Via Martin Klasch and
Josephzohn gås blogger
Note: Is the film looped? Right-click and unmark play when you get tired of it or unmark loop. :)

Updated: Flash clip has been disabled due to complains. I can't say I blame you...
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