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Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Playboy Town House

The Playboy Town House: Posh Plans For Exciting Urban Living (scanned from the May 1962 issue of Playboy). (via Things Magazine)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More Thor!

'Keep the Dogs Away', 1977

Clinton McClung, one of the WFMU blog guys, has published an action-packed entry on Thor. Among the thunderin' awesome stuff (like movie clips, a great I-met-Thor-story, and then the video below...) you can actually get the complete 1977 album 'Keep the Dogs Away' into your hard drive and then into the frying pan: "Released in 1977, this album is pure glorious glam-rock confection with a slightly heavy edge of the best order. ..."
Check it out!

"Keep the Dogs Away", the Video from '77:

Added by visualguidance
Or watch it at DailyMotion.

Bonus: Be sure to also enjoy Thor performing "Action" at the Merv Griffin show 1976.
And also a clip from the movie 'Rock 'N' Roll Nightmare' [IMDb]: "We Live to Rock" (as performed by
the Tritonz).

Are you ready boots? Start walkin'

"These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" , 36 covers and the Original (but check comments for more!) at Dans Mon Café.


'Green Woman in Between Two Bushes' by Nellie Mae Rowe

Barbara Archer Gallery presents Feme, an exhibition featuring seven female artists (Nellie Mae Rowe, Sindy Lutz, Anne Cox, Linda Anderson, Xenia Zed, Barbara Schreiber and Carolyn Mae Lassiter). (via gmtPlus9 (-15))

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Kode

Mike of FreeIndie.com tips me of The Kode, "a "Classic Video Game Band" playing music from Video Game systems of the 80's and 90's."
Man, this is really annoying music. Synth-fusion àla Yngwie Malmsteen. But, still, kind of fun in an over-the-top kind of way.
Listen here.


The Thelonious Monk quartet plays Rhythm-a-ning in 1961 with Charlie Rouse on tenor, John Ore on bass, and Frankie Dunlop on drums.
Thelonious Monk - Rhythm-a-ning:

Added by boberwig

Dang! A Song-Poem-Studio-Blog!

This could - and should! - get really interesting and entertaining. A great idea for an mp3 blog.

WANTED: Poems For Songs

"Step 1. If you don't know what the term "song-poem" means read this.
Step 2. If you've never heard a "song-poem" see posts below for download.
Step 3. Here's the fun part: I know that some of you have a little creative bone in your body, so get out your pen and paper and go to work! Write your own poem or song lyrics, email them to me and I will make a custom recording of your song with full "professional production" treatment. I have my own home recording studio and have been making my own music for nearly 10 years (I'm only 25, so to me that's a long time). I am fully capable of turning your poem into a song. ..."
(Read full welcome post here, including further instructions)

Oh! It's a Song-Poem-Studio-Blog! Whoopee!

Frolic Magazine

To view many more women who probably were never actually meant to adorn the cover of a magazine, go here

Monday, November 27, 2006

Symphony in Black

Symphony In Black - Duke Ellington and Billie Holiday:

Added by mytoxx

I hate rock n roll i only like the hunting horn

I hate rock n roll i only like the hunting horn is the new Aperitivo radio show. What will you find there a radio show or some kind of hunting apology ?
Who knows ?

But music for sure, haunting tunes, Brian Auger, Crystal castles, The Peddlers, Andy Bey, The Tammys (As if the shangri las were caught in a punky wave) and a lot more.

Kiss caress and more until next time.

Listen to Percy Trout Tonight!

the Percy Trout hour

Super-Fizz Sugar-Pop
from all over the Globe!

Listen to a LIVE Show Tonight (Monday, November 27, 2006... 8pm - 10pm EST-USA):

Listen Online!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Melissa Dadourian

Melissa Dadourian: Paintings, Installations and Works On Paper. (via Bezembinder's)
Note: Art displaying female nudity. Mildly NSFW.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Christmas Audio 2006

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

FaLaLaLaLa.com (also visit the discussions forum)
>Adventure In Carols 2004 and 2005 (FaLaLaLaLa's special and annual adventural compilations)
Special compilations and essays:
>51 different versions of “Sleigh Ride”
>13 different versions of "Frosty the Snowman"
Featured Albums:
>The Peppermint Kandy Kids - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
>Merry Christmas From The Command Family Of Recording Stars
>“Baby it’s Cold Outside” (14 track comp.)
>Andre Kostelanetz - Stereo Wonderland of Christmas
>The Swingalongs - 'Sing A Song of Christmas'
>The Gunter Kallmann Choir - Christmas Sing-In
Selected entries:
>Lawrence Welk and His Champagne Music Makers - Jingle Bells
>George Garabedian - Winter Wonderland
>The Baja Marimba Band - Partridge In A Pear Tree
>The Osmond Brothers - Deck The Halls

Christmas A Go Go!
Selected entries:
>The Knife - Christmas Reindeer
>Drive > in Presents: Easy Tune vol.2, X-mas edition
>The Raveonettes - The Christmas Song
>The Ronettes - Frosty The Snowman
>Les Chaussettes Noires - Le Twist du Père Noël
>Christmas in Outer Space (Space Age Christmas ditties)
>Hank Thompson - I'd Like to Have an Elephant for Christmas
>The Fall - No Xmas for John Quays (Peel Session version)
>Gayla Peevey - I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas
>"Ringo for Christmas" / "All I Want For Christmas Is A Beatle"
>Captain Beefheart - There Ain't No Santa Claus on the Evenin' Stage
>Martin Newell - Christmas in Suburbia
>Dolly Parton - Hard Candy Christmas
>Spiked Candy Canes Part 1 and Part 2 (comps)
>Cary Grant - Christmas Lullaby

A Christmas Yuleblog
Featured Albums:
>Bob Mantzke Choralaires - Christmas Songs
>Alex Houston & Elmer - Here Comes Peter Cotton Claus
>Christmas Greetings From DeWayne Fulton
>The Mexicali Brass - Winter Wonderland
>Bowen & Csehy - Christmas Steepletime
>Pac-Man - Christmas Album
>The Piano Rolls & Voices - All Time Christmas Hits
>Earl Grant - Winter Wonderland
>Christmas With Shirley & Squirrely
>Pat Boone - White Christmas
>Ken Griffin - Christmas Organ
>Liberace - 1954 Christmas Greetings Flexi
>Will Glahe & His Orchestra - Christmas Greetings From Germany
>Jimmy Dean - Jimmy Dean's Christmas Card
>Pete Fountain - Candy Clarinet: Merry Christmas From
>The Mistletoe Disco Band - Christmas Disco
>A Pink Panther Christmas

mistletoe disco band - A pink panther - A Christmas In The Stars Cover Bordellmammans Julvisor -Front  Caroleers

Ernie (Not Bert)
Featured Albums:
>Christmas; Time For Song Featuring Thurlow Spurr And The Spurrlows Singing 12 Seasonal Favorites!
>Hugo Winterhalter And His Orchestra And Chorus - Christmas Magic
>Nelson Riddle Orchestra And Chorus - Avon Wishes You A Happy Holiday And A Joyous New Year
>Christmas With The Don Les Harmonicats
>The Caroleer Singers And Orchestra - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
>The Caroleers - 'Twas The Night Before Christmas
>Saint Patrick's Cathedral Choir Sings Christmas Carols
>The Moishe Oysher Chanukah Party
>The Pied Pipers Sing Favorite Christmas Carols
>The Jimmy Joyce Singers With Orchestra Conducted By Billy May - A Christmas To Remember
>Merry Christmas With The KE-Notes
>Merry Christmas From Buck Owens & Susan Raye
>Lynn Anderson - The Christmas Album
>The Fantastic Strings Of Felix Slatkin - Season's Greetings
>Lorne Greene - Must Be Santa
>A Visit From Saint Nicholas
>The King Family: A King Family Christmas / Christmas With The King Family
>Tijuana Voices With Brass Sing Merry Christmas
>John Davidson - My Christmas Favorites
>Songs To Sing At Christmas Time
>Ashley Miller - Christmas Carols With Organ And Chimes Played On The Paramount Theater Organ
>Christmas Carols By The Lighthouse Singers - Volume II
>101 Strings - Christmas Moods
>George Wright At The Wurlitzer Pipe Organ: Merry Christmas / Christmas Time
>Christmas With Big Tiny Little
>Christmas Greetings From The Town Pipers
>The John McCarthy Chorale - Merry Christmas Sing Along
>Leo Addeo With Milton Kaye & Harry Breuer - Organ And Chimes Play Christmas Carols
>Eddie Dunstedter: The Bells Of Christmas / The Bells Of Christmas Chime Again
>Christmas In Cleveland
>Arthur Lynds Bigelow, Bell Master, & Marjorie MacComb, Organist - Ring! Christmas Bells
>George Feyer's Echoes Of Christmas
>The Ray Charles Singers: Winter Wonderland / Here We Come A-Caroling / Christmas At Home
>Skitch Henderson With The New York Philharmonic - Winter Holiday
>Emilien Allard - Noels au Carillon de l'Oratoire Saint-Joseph (Carols At The Carillon Of Saint Joseph's Oratory)
>The Surfers - Christmas From Hawaii
>Christmas With The Happy Crickets

The Pied Pipers Sing Favorite Christmas Carols-Front Charo-(Mamacita) Donde Esta Santa Claus A+Visit+From+Saint+Nicholas-Smaller Christmas With Big Tiny Little-Smaller Snap-On Male Chorus-Carols Of Christmas

>Christmas Bells - Cathedral Organ and Chimes Featuring Richard Keys Biggs
>Bob Coe At The Pipe Organ - White Christmas/Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
>Muzak Christmas
>Buddy Cole: Pipes And Chimes For Christmas / The Organ Plays At Christmas
>Dick Leibert: Sing And Rejoice! / The Sound Of Christmas On The Radio City Music Hall Organ / The Happy Hits Of Christmas / A Merry Wurlitzer Christmas
>A Christmas Sampler (incl. Ferrante & Teicher, Basil Rathbone and Dick Leibert)
>Lester Lanin And His Orchestra - Christmas Dance Party, Volume 9
>The Three Suns: Christmas Party / The Three Suns Present Your Christmas Favorites / The Sounds Of Christmas
>Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra - Music For A Merry Christmas
>The E.F. MacDonald Company Presents Christmas Classics 1963
>A Kimball Christmas
>The Snap-On Male Chorus - Carols Of Christmas
>Natal no Brasil
>William Clauson, Alfredo Mendez, Al Valenti - Canciones de Navidad (Spanish Christmas Carols)
>The World's Greatest Jazzband Of Yank Lawson & Bob Haggart - Hark The Herald Angels Swing
>Les Djinnes Singers - 60 French Girls With The Christmas Bell Ringers-Joyeaux Noel
>Bruce Woodman Presents Christmas Carols With A Latin Lilt
>Charo - (Mamacita) ¿Donde Esta Santa Claus?
>Jose Melis And His Orchestra - Christmas With Melis
>Menudo - Feliz Navidad
>Godfrey Malcolm & Fredrico - Chimes Of Christmas
>Ethel Smith At The Organ - Christmas Music
>Cyril Stapleton And His Orchestra With Children's Chorus - Children's Christmas Album
>Mitch Miller & The Gang - Be A Santa
>The Voices Of Walter Schumann - The Voices Of Christmas
>Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. - Adeste Fidelis
>We Wish You A Merry Christmas - 15 Great Christmas Favorites Sung By Warner Bros. Stars
>Christmas Disco Party
>Holiday People - Holiday Disco
>Dennis Day Sings "Christmas Is For The Family"
>Merry Christmas From: The Ames Brothers / Don Cornell / Eileen Barton / Johnny Desmond
>Santa Claus Conquers The Martians
>Slim Boyd & The Rangehands - Christmas Country Style - Go Tell It On The Mountain
>A Family Christmas Album - Something For Everybody
>Buddy & Bunny Burden - Christmas Favorites
>Danny Robinson With The Square Tunes Band - Deck The Halls
>The Moog Machine - Christmas Becomes Electric
>Sammy Kaye And His Orchestra: Year 'Round Favorites / Christmas Serenade / Christmas Day With Sammy Kaye
>Mike Douglas - My Kind Of Christmas
>David Wayne Narrates The Little Star Of Bethlehem
>Fred Waring And The Pennsylvanians - 'Twas The Night Before Christmas
>The Merriest of Christmas Pops
>Ray Conrad-The Cotton - Pickin' Lift Tower And Other Skiing Songs

Christmas With The Happy Crickets-2 canadian James Last - Weihnachten & James Last klein 16d Dick+Leibert-A+Merry+Wurlitzer+Christmas-Smaller

Featured Albums:
>A bongolong Christmas (2003 & 2004)
>The Boys Choir of the Vienna Woods - Voices & Bells of Christmas
>Singing Strings Herald Christmas
>Perry Como Sings Merry Christmas Music
>Revelation Philharmonic Orchestra and the One Experience Choir - The New Messiah
>Don Janse - The Little Drummer Boy
>Jimmy Rhodes - Seasons Greetings
>Glen Campbell: Christmas with Glen Campbell / That Christmas Feeling
>The Family Christmas Treasury
>Jingle Bells (28 different versions, a bongolong compilation) Comp.
>The Rainbow Sound of Bianco, His Harp and Orchestra - Joy to the World
>Robert Goulet's Wonderful World Of Christmas
>Perry Como - Home for the Holidays
>Jim Nabors' Christmas Album
>Fun Sounds of Christmas
>A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
>Hermanos Zavala - Christmas in Mexico
>Joseph Byrd - A Christmas Yet To Come
>The Spirit of Chritmas with the Living Strings
>101 Strings - The Glory of Christmas
>Tennessee Ernie Ford - The Star Carol
>Sounds Alumni - Sounds of Christmas
>High-On Organ & Chimes Christmas
>Gifts, Vol II - Traditional Christmas Carols
>Harry Belafonte - To Wish You A Merry Christmas
>The Robert Rheims Choraliers - We Wish You A Merry Christmas
>Nelson Eddy - Songs For Christmas
>The New Christy Minstrels - Merry Christmas!
>'Specially for Shepherds
>A Collection of Favorite Christmas Carols
>Let's Go Go Christmas
>Lawrence Welk - Silent Night
>Christmas at Mission Santa Barbara
>Raphael Presents Christmas
>John Klein - A Christmas Sound Spectacular
>Bobby Helms - Jingle Bell Rock
>The Animal Kwackers - Christmas Favorites
>Lenny Dee - Happy Holi-Dee
>Percy Faith - Christmas Music
>Groovy Tunes from Christmas Past (EP)
>The Henry Hadaway Orchestra and Chorus - Turned on Christmas
>A Caribbean Christmas featuring Tommy Beaumont
>The Midnight String Quartet - Christmas Rhapsodies for Young Lovers
>Christmas Bells
>A Merry Little Christmas, Contemporary Pop-Rock Christmas Music
>Mae West - Wild Christmas
>Christmas from around the World & Christmas to A New World Beat
>Jackie Gleason - Merry Christmas
... and of course much more.

Check the Cool Wax
Featured Albums:
>Christmas with Hank Snow
>The Three Suns - A Ding Dong Dandy Christmas!
>The Caroleers - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
>Mirror Image - Yuletide Disco
>Santa's Own Christmas
>The Hanna-BarBera Organ & Chimes - Merry Christmas
... and some Western Christmas Songs. Yihaa!
Selected entries:
>Redd Kross - Super Sonic Christmas
>Pee-Wee's Christmas Special
>Les Baxter Orchestra & Chorus - Santa Claus' Party / Hang Your Wishes on the Tree

abbottandcostello230257 santastic500 Santa The Star Carol post Tijuana+Voices+Sing+Merry+Christmas-Smaller

Senses Working Overtime
Selected Entries:
>Limited Edition Mini-podcasts: frostie - Christmas Wantlists 1 - Christmas Wantlists 2 - The Odds Against Christmas - merrie - Dreidelicious! - Baby it's a Winter Wonderland Out There - Ring -a -Ding Dong - Jingle Jangle - Sleigh With Me 'til Dawn - Idiot Boxing Day - Here We Come A-Caroling
>Twas! 2! (Another collection. 18 tracks)
>Twas! (20 versions of Clement C. Moore's classic Christmas poem "A Visit From St. Nicholas" ("T'was the Night Before Christmas"))
>Songs For Swinging Santas

Blog of 999 Dances
Featured Albums:
>Various Artists - The Dark Side of the Xmas Tree
>Snoopy's Christmas Classiks on Toys
>The Brady Bunch - Christmas with the Brady Bunch
>Robert Rheims - Merry Christmas In Carols
>Dennis Deal - Presents Lost Christmas Volume 1: The Girls
>Dan Goggin - Nuncrackers - The Nunsense Christmas musical
>Great Songs of Christmas: Vol 1 / Vol 2 / Vol 3 / Vol 4 / Vol 5 / Vol 6 / Vol 7 / Vol 8
>Dave Brubeck - A Dave Brubeck Christmas
>Captain Kangaroo - Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas
>Marais and Miranda - Christmas with Marais and Miranda
>The Salsoul Orchestra - Christmas Jollies
>Christmas with the Mexicali Brass
>Walter Schumann - Christmas In The Air

Click guys below for...

More Christmas Audio 2006

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Santastic II
Collection of Holiday mash-ups and bootleg remixes

Season's Greetings!
Three comps for Winter 2006 (Katya's and Ton's mixes for their Exotica- and Oddio friends)

Otis Fodder
Holiday Freakin (2006) & Holiday Freakout (2002) (two Holiday mixes)

Featured Albums:
>John Denver & The Muppets - A Christmas Together
Selected entries:
>Bette Midler - Mele Kalikimaka
>Happy Saint Nicholas Day (X12)
>The Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping

The Tuna Melt
Featured Albums:
>Frank DeVol with the Rainbow Strings - The Old Sweet Songs of Christmas
>Various Artists - Oh! No!Not Another... Midnight Christmas Mess Again!!!
>Various Artists - A Midnight Christmas Mess

Featured Albums:
>Christmas with the California Raisins
>Keith Emerson - The Christmas Album

Jeffco Productions: Christmas Downloads
Podcasts and 10 fine christmas albums.

Jul igen - Christmas Again
Specializing in Swedish christmas music.
Selected entries:
>7 takes on Jingle Bells ("Bjällerklang") in Swedish.

Red Ryder BB Gun

77 Santas
Selected Entries:
>Versions of "Blue Christmas", "Baby It's Cold Outside" and more.
>Rosemary Clooney - Suzy Snowflake

Wonderful World Of Christmas post xmas3a Sy_Mann_-_Switched_On_Santa!_front_sm GOC-fs resize

Martin Klasch
>Santology (2006)
>Santalicious (2005)
>Santafobic (2004)

Wiel's Time Capsule
Featured Albums:
>The Yobs - Christmas Album
>Sy Mann - Switched On Santa!
Selected Entries:
>The Dickies - Silent Night

Featured Albums:
>Six Million Dollar Man

Featured Albums:
>Paul and Paula - Holiday For Teens
>The Rhodes Kids - Rock 'n Rhodes Christmas

The Groove Grotto
Featured Albums:
>Kay Martin and Her Body Guards - I Know What He Wants for Christmas (But I Don't Know How to Wrap It)

Keep The Coffee Coming
Selected Entries:
>Bessie Smith - At the Christmas Ball
>Emmylou Harris - Cherry Tree Carol
>Perry Como - That Christmas Feeling
>Leon Redbone - That Old Christmas Moon
>Rosemary Clooney - Christmas Time Is Here
>Gene Autry - The Night Before Christmas (In Texas,That Is)
>Johnny Cash - The Little Drummer Boy
>Margo Sylvia and the Tune Weavers - Merry, Merry Christmas, Baby
>Allen Toussaint - The Day It Snows on Christmas

Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else
Selected entries:
>Christmas Is Coming Again, Ha-Haaa!! - Lee Hartsfeld
>Four kiddie-Christmas classics
>Merry Burtmas (a Burt Bacharach Christmas), Part 1
>"Merry Christmas You Suckers" and many more (Christmas continues at MY(P)WHAE)
>"Jingle Bells"-athon, Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4
>Merry Mervmas! (a Merv Griffin Christmas)

whyfidelity's Podcast
>Why Fidelity 59: Pour Some More Eggnog on the Fruitcake
>Why Fidelity 58: I Don't Intend to Spend Christmas Without You
>Why Fidelity 57: Our Christmas Gift To You
>Why Fidelity 56 : Christmas Is...
>Why Fidelity 55: Snowmen and Reindeer and Elves, Oh My!
>Why Fidelity 54 : A Carol For Another Christmas
>Why Fidelity Podcast 53 : A Very Merry Why Fidelity

Mae West post retro_christmas-789348 66tj Christmas With Marcy front_sml

Third Island
Featured Albums:
>Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops - Christmas Party

Balthazar in Recordville
Featured Albums:
>John Klein - All Around the Christmas Tree

Stax o' Wax
Featured Albums:
>Walter Brennan - 'Twas the Night Before Christmas...Back Home
>Patty Duke & Norman Vincent Peale - Guideposts for Christmas
>The Lennon Sisters - Christmas with the Lennon Sisters
>The Osmond Brothers - We Sing You a Merry Christmas
>Bobby Sherman - Christmas Album

Hi-Fi Holiday
Featured Albums:
>John Clayton - Merry Christmas
>The Sounds of Christmas

Wild Christmas With The Bomarr Monk, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 Comps.

DJ Riko's Christmas Music Mixes 2002-2006

Snaildartha: The Story of Jerry the Christmas Snail

I'm Just Sayin'
Krup's Happy Holidays Mix 2005: Part 1 and Part 2
Krup's Happy Holidays Mix 2006.

Who Needs Radio?
WhoNeedsRadio Holiday Mix '06

Radio Fantastica
Christmas episodes (at the bottom of the page): 'Christ... What A Mess! 1' (playlist) and 'Christ... What A Mess! 2' (playlist)

Basic Hip
Streamable albums (optional download)

Big Rock Candy Mountain
Selected entries:
>Hanks For Christmas (Hank Snow - Reindeer Boogie and Hank Thompson - Gonna Wrap My Heart In Ribbons)
>Loretta Lynn Won't Decorate Your Christmas Tree. But she agreed to sing 2 christmas country songs.
>Ella Fitzgerald - Santa Claus Got Stuck (In My Chimney)
>"Yulesville" and "Beatnik's Wish"
>Buck Owens and Charley Pride
>Rockabilly Xmas (incl. Cordell Jackson)
>Andre Williams - Poor Mr. Santa

Featured Albums:
>My Christmas Dream (15 Seasonal Song-poems) Comp.
>Christmas With Little Marcy
>Bummed Out Christmas

bobward holidayfreakin soundsofchristmas_post xmas1[1] Christmas with Glen Campbell post

Selected Entries:
>Let It Snow, dammit! (Comp.) Also listen to Naomi King, 9 years old doing "Away In A Manger" making it very hard for the rest of her family to keep the christmas spirit.
>The Amazing Barry Sisters - Yingele Nit Vain

Wonderful Wonderblog
Featured Albums:
>Christmas In The Stars - STAR WARS Christmas Album

Paul's Ramblings
Selected entries:
>Santa Claus Is Watching You (Ray Stevens)
>Vintage Christmas Wax: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 (Early Edison Wax Cylinder recordings from the early 1900s)
>Abbott and Costello - Christmas Shopping
>Senor Tonto - Hooray For Santy Claus! EP
>'A Christmas Carol' featuring Lionel Barrymore and Orson Welles. 1938 and 1939 radio broadcasts.

Roman´s Easy-Listening- & Instrumental-Corner
Featured Albums:
>Jo Ment - Merry Merry Christmas
>Klaus Wunderlich - Weihnachten mit Klaus Wunderlich
>Kay Webb - Happy Christmas Dancing
>James Last - Weihnachten & James Last
>Ben Best - Happy Christmas Party

Our Lady of Perpetual Obsolescence Vinyl Rescue Mission and Orphanage
Featured Album:
>Christmas at C.P.H. - The Children of the Inpatient Music Thereapy Program, University of Michigan’s Children’s Psychiatric Hospital
>A Cabbage Patch Christmas

Featured Albums:
>Jimmy Smith - Christmas cookin'
>Hillbilly Holiday (various)

The Reel Deal
>Eric Rogers Chorale - The Glory of Christmas
>A Christmas Greeting In Stereophonic Sound

Ultra Swank
>Retro Christmas (comp.)

The Record Robot
Selected Entries:
>Tony Fontane - O Come All Ye Faithful
>Li’l Wally - Merry Christmas Mom and Dad / Oh Christmas Tree
>Frigg A Go-Go - Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto
>Don Ho - This Christmas

Some Velvet Blog
Selected entries:
>T Rex - "Christmas Bop" and The Jackson 5 - "Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town" and 2 more
>The Carpenters - Merry Christmas Darling & Winter Wonderland/Silver Bells/White Christmas Medley

swingalongs Yuletide The Moog Machine-Christmas Becomes Electric-Smaller Chrismas Rhapsodies post
305712258_f08a21b823_m 76187460_d4a5542a53_m HB Christmas Christmas in Mexico post

Occasional Santa's:

Naomi and The Boys - Mary's Boy Child at Mod-Ified Music.

Soul Shower Welcomes Back The Holidays (15 separate soulful holiday tracks).

A Soul-Crushing & Right Depressing Christmas Mix at Vinyl Mine.

Christmas Mix 2006 at Rewritable Content.

JefitoBlog has The 2006 Holiday Mixtape.

Holiday Mish Mash ("Black Xmas", "Don't Plan No Party This Christmas", "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" and more fun tracks) at Lil Mike's Last Known Thoughts & Random Revelations.

The Sonics - Don't Believe In Christmas and Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Cold White Christmas at Sucka Pants.

The Pop View gives us two reasons for A Hardcore Christmas and Christmas songs by The Gwens and The Chubbies.

New (anti) Christmas music from Mike Nicolai, Princeton and Antsy Mcclain at songs:illinois.

The Late Greats Santa Mix at The Late Greats.

A Christmas Blog Gift For You from Power Pop Lovers.

pogo a go-go offers you A Punky Christmas Party.

Alan Vega - No More Christmas Blues at Idolator.

Johnny Cash - The Christmas Spirit at Page 300.

The Crystals - Santa Claus Is Coming to Town at Las insólitas aventuras del pez.

Christmas Showdown with Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and Andy Williams at The World Forgot.

A Heavy Metal Christmas [direct link] by Twisted Sister.

Houseplant Picture Studio shares Bob Ward's "Merry Christmas 'Specially for You" (EP)


Fun and enjoyable christmas music vids: Anders F Rönnblom - "Det Är Inte Snön Som Faller" - Eartha Kitt - "Santa Baby" - Kim Wilde & Mel Smith - "Rockin' around the Christmas Tree" - Slade - "Merry Xmas Everybody" - Johnny Cash Christmas Show - "12 Days Of Christmas" - Johnny Cash Christmas Show - "Silent Night" - Nat King Cole - "Christmas Song" - Twisted Sister - "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" - Run DMC - "Christmas In Hollis" - Spinal Tap - "Christmas With The Devil" - Judy Garland - "A Merry Little Christmas"

Specialized Holiday Greeting (Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker Suite" performed entirely on bicycle parts by Flip Baber.)

Go back to first batch of Christmas Audio by clicking here.