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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Faust V

Brian Turner of WFMU's Beware Of the Blog tells us: "Turns out that after the band recorded their album IV for Virgin and had a somewhat chaotic tour, Richard Branson had his fill of their shenanigans and cut them loose once again in 1975. Although, at this point the band had gone ahead and run up some expensive hotel and studio bills at Giorgio Morodor's Araballe studios ..."

At the Faust-pages you read: "The fabled Faust 5 (or Faust 5½) never saw an official release but exists only in the form of this promotional cassette. After recording material in Munic, the plan was originally for Jochen Irmler and Rudolf Sosna to produce an album from that material for release on Virgin. For years it was assumed that nothing came of this plan until a Virgin cassette promo appeared. ..."

Faust's Lost Album V