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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hit! ... by a man in a gorilla suit.

"Calvert lacquers the teeth, lips and nostrils to give the face that realistic, hungry look. The mouth is movable and the nostrils dilate."

'The Case of the Well-Paid Ape': "Stuntman Steve Calvert [IMDb] earns an honest buck by doubling for a gorilla!" - Cowgirl Adele Mara, and other stories.
HIT! on GlyphJockey. An odyssey.

Note: Much more about Calvert, his family and his trade in "Confessions Of A Hollywood Gorilla" at Gorilla Men.

See Mr. Calvert in action in the fabulous trailer for 'Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla' (directed by William Beaudine), at YouTube:

Video added by berrychuck

You'll see him for the first time after 1 min and 35 secs. And at the end he takes over the stage completely. What an animalistic and realistic performance. I'm stunned!