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Monday, November 06, 2006

Killing Time!

"The Bi-Lingual Journal of Murderers, Monsters & Maniacs!"
Roberto of Arboles Muertos y Mucha Tinta has teamed up with the american editor of Sadistik to put out a bilingual (Spanish/English) e-zine. Its name is Killing Time!
37 free and fun pages is available as one downloadble pdf.
It is also available in 36 full color pages, as "a deluxe color magazine for the jet-set playboys who prefer old-school hard copy."
You can it order it at the site.

"A new magazine about exciting and weird photo novels from around the world! ... KILLING TIME is chock full of photos of, well, murderers, monsters and maniacs!"

This is good stuff. Go get it.

Check out Miss Killing Time! (Damn! You get her in full color if you buy the paper mag... What a Killer.)