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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More Thor!

'Keep the Dogs Away', 1977

Clinton McClung, one of the WFMU blog guys, has published an action-packed entry on Thor. Among the thunderin' awesome stuff (like movie clips, a great I-met-Thor-story, and then the video below...) you can actually get the complete 1977 album 'Keep the Dogs Away' into your hard drive and then into the frying pan: "Released in 1977, this album is pure glorious glam-rock confection with a slightly heavy edge of the best order. ..."
Check it out!

"Keep the Dogs Away", the Video from '77:

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Or watch it at DailyMotion.

Bonus: Be sure to also enjoy Thor performing "Action" at the Merv Griffin show 1976.
And also a clip from the movie 'Rock 'N' Roll Nightmare' [IMDb]: "We Live to Rock" (as performed by
the Tritonz).