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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Download a New Percy Trout Mix!

the Percy Trout hour:

S.A.D.(Seasonal Affective Discotheque)

1 Com On-A My House Chiemi Eri with King Orchestra
2 Les Pantalons Carmen
3 Latin Touch The Rolf-Hans Muller Orchestra
4 Quand Tu M’embrasses Danielle Denin
5 Magic Carpet of Love Danielle
6 Abraham, Martin & John Leonard Nimoy
7 Tarde Azul, Noche Gris Betina
8 Mundo Colorido Vanusa
9 We Don’t Belong Sylvan
10 Dansons Sylvie Vartan
11 Sakara Francy Boland Big Band/Kenny Clarke
12 Did You See Her Eyes The Illusion
13 Hey O Daddy O Liz Brady
14 Girl in a Sportscar Alan Hawkshaw
15 Mass of the Holy Bomb Leonard Rosenman
16 If You Don’t Give Me What I Want Vicki Anderson
17 Esquire The Heinz Hotter Orchestra
18 Beat Guitar The Wailers
19 Swinging London Hazy Osterwald
20 Made In Paris Trini Lopez