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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vintage Crapitude of Cave City

Cave City Kentucky used to be a fascinating place back in the 1990s-—as though the lowest of the low end of 1960s roadside had frozen in time. It’s the home of the once-awesome Wigwam Village (I went back a few years ago, and it was in pretty bad shape).

This is an ad from the early 1990s—if they still had these prices today, every wigwam would hold a meth lab.

Some of the "attractions" were the heinous Wax Museum, Big Mike’s Treasure Chest and the other gift shops (some still selling original sixties souvenirs with an accumulation of 30 years of dust), and the entertainment mecca, Guntown Mountain. I never paid to see the official Guntown Mountain live show, featuring a Wild West shootout, can can girls, and a magic show-—I once did the train ride to the top of the mountain through their depressing mangy zoo, never again.
Mostly I took my kids to the haunted house (with its freak taxidermied calf) and rides (with its surly 400 lb. bumper car attendant). Here’s my daughter Sophie in front of a Guntown Mountain sign that demonstrates the excellence of the rural KY school system:

(Unwed prewaucy is still a problem out there, apparently)

Recordo Obscura found me a 70s vintage album from Guntown Mountain (hell, it's STILL probably sold in the GTM gift shop).

The tracks aren't split up (grrr), so you can get either get the full sides there or nicely tidied up here. I’d love to report that the record is totally inept, but other than a few clunker vocalists it’s actually got some decent musicians on it.

If you want to get the whole vintage Guntown experience, you can play the album and watch the shakycam amateur Youtube videos. But I wouldn’t recommend a visit now-- if it was comically depressing a few years ago, it would probably require a fistful of Xanax to get through it now.

Yellow Submarine

God damn, this is annoying. Uncle Miltie is annoying. I'm just annoyed. Why do I post annoying things like this?

Via Easily Mused

Monday, June 28, 2010

El Cumbanchero

Ferrante and Teicher - El Cumbanchero

Uploaded by showmanlee

I Brutos

Dean Martin had only 1 Jerry Lewis to contend with, this guy has FOUR....

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Again

Merrill Womach's greatest hit is played out in some VA hospital. Can't you feel the love?
I'm feeling a bit queasy.

In a Sentimental Mood

"Jazz, a major contribution of black people, may never make a comeback." - Billboard magazine {August 14, 1971}

As of late, I've been posting advertisements featuring the legends of Jazz on my blog. Today's Jazz performers more than likely do not get advertising deals like these any longer.
For jazz festivals, in a brochure? Perhaps.
In major publications on your local news-stands? I doubt it.
And forget about pushing booze.
I am sure many want to stay away from what they are associated with - booze, pills with song.
Once upon a time, they did. Now, not so much.

These ads are as pleasant to look at as it is hearing the music.
Jazz music.
Still, it would nice to see Cassandra Wilson for Doo.Ri.
Tierney Sutton or Dee Dee Bridgewater in a layout in Vogue.
Andy Bey for B.M.W..
Kurt Elling for Hugo Boss.
Diana Krall for Carolina Herrera. Or whatever product they want to sell.
Musicians with actual skills selling products. How cool would this be?
And if I was into it and had the coin, I'd buy whatever they were hawking.
Seeing the parade of idiot-no talent-nobodies on the covers of and in the pages of the magazines I've been flipping through, for the past fifteen years, isn't helping.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bad Backscreen Projection

Maybe it's time for a scholarly retrospective of bad backscreen projection in movies and TV--when actors sit placidly in front of a green screen with every hair in place while all hell breaks loose behind them. Donna Lethal's blog post at Celluloid Slammer got me started thinking about some of the worst examples--the kids here bopping in the studio while a film of a drive thru London on top of a double decker bus is another swell example. Hey Donna, you or I should start a FB group and get people to share their favorites.

Scrapper and Leroy

The HoundBlog offers music and bios for Leroy Carr and Scrapper Blackwell, whose pairing led to some of the greatest successes of urban blues in the early 30s. I keep meaning to stop by ol' Leroy's grave on Indy's west side and pay tribute, maybe this summer I'll get to it.

Elis and Toots

Gorgeous collaboration between Elis Regina and Toots Thielemans from Touque musical.

Bangin' the Beatle Drums.

DJ Diddy Wah continues his great vinyl digging with this great Midwestern surf tribute to Ringo, "Beatle Drums" b/w "Long Hair" by the Motions. Did you know that Ringo's going to be turning 70 in a couple of weeks? Egad.

More Novelty Songs Than You Can Shake a Stick At

Novelties good (I Walk the Line Polka, Mitch Miller's harpsichordist, Ray McKinley) and novelties gone very, very wrong (Beatles and Elvis fan songs, some tedious "comedy" records, the heinous "Whiz Kids") can be found here.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Les Luthiers - San Icticola de los Peces - Las Obras de Ayer


Pete Quaife

Oh damn, you know I hate those obit posts, but Pete Quaife was a killer bassist.


The party's just beginning over at the PCL Mansion this weekend.

I'll Be Your Freakazoid.

I usually don't share much Everything is Terrible stuff, but some things are just too good not to share. Like this.

Abandonment and other Mysteries

I suppose posting images from a blog with over 1100 followers means this site is old news to many of you, but I had never seen Accidental Mysteries before, so maybe its lovely images of abandoned buildings and artifacts of the past are new to some of you, too.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Get Your Party Organised

What do you Brits have against the letter zed, anyway? Organised, indeed.

Anyway, this is a pretty groooovy comp by Jerry Allen, despite the album cover guaranteed to provoke night terrors in Johnnyuma, such a sensitive lad is he.

Give a listen to "Switched On" from the album, below.

Harlem Yodel

Take the "A" train to Bavaria with the Dandridge Sisters and the Cats and the Fiddle.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ghost Signs.

The History of Advertising Trust has a nifty collection of ghost signs -- hand-painted billboards on the sides of buildings, mainly located in the U.K., and most of which are slowly fading into yesteryear.


Pleasant Family Shopping is one of my go to stops. Curator Dave has an encyclopedic knowledge of the history of retail chain stores of the past and a scholarly perspective on how these marvels played into our hearts and wallets.

Ralphs in Granada Hills, CA. is an example of the dynamic 60's and the Southern California dream.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Dirty Mind Behind Beetle Bailey.

The Comic Journal takes a look at "Beetle Bailey" creator Mort Walker's stash of not-safe-for-the-newspaper comic strips (which were collected by a Finnish publisher in the '90s). Oh, Miss Buxley!

Point and Shoot Legends

Did I hear you say street photographer?

Sure, I knew I did.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Some Ed Wood for Your Bike Spokes.

Golden Age Comic Book Stories presents Drew Friedman's complete set of The Ed Wood Jr. Players trading cards from 1992. Collect them all (digitally)!

Listen to "the Percy Trout hour" tonight!

the Percy Trout hour


Monday Night (6-21-10)
8pm to 10pm EST-USA

WRFL 88.1fm
Lexington, KY


Sunday, June 20, 2010


It's not often I reblog stuff. But this was bound to happen!

Ooh! la la!

The Very Best of Sheb Wooley

The Very Best of Sheb Wooley is available over at Uncle Gi's Rockin' Archives.

Laughin' The Blues

The Boswell Sisters


The 1974 Egba album is available thanks to Mutant Sounds. Swedish progressive funk / jazz fusion at its best.

Lisa Sleeps

Fsssst Booing!

I'm not sure if I put enough "s"'s or "o"'s but I can't get this song of out my head!

Again, the quality's not great, but here's another clip of "Fssst Booing." More!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Sound of Sounds

A Basement of Curiosities brings us The Sound of Sounds, a stereo test/ sound effects record.

Hogs Slaughtered

Big Ben Banjo Band - The Beatles Tribute

The Beatles tribute LP by the Big Ben Banjo Band is a real barn burner. Featuring such hits as Paperback Writer, Eight Days A Week and All My Loving (all condensed for your listening pleasure in one track!) it screams cheese and crass commercialism. Enjoy!

Via Never Get Out of The Boat

Maniac Cop

A Maniac Cop is on the lose over at The Manchester Morgue.

Flashback Montage

Mills Brothers - Caravan

Friday, June 18, 2010

Childhood memories

French kids watching TV in the mid 70's had the chance to grow up with this melody penned by most admired OST composer François de Roubaix.
Not so much regressive, nor BBC radiophonic workshop but still a fine piece of tapes and electronic.


Billy May - Pow! Available thanks to Portal of Groove.

The Man with the Golden Arm


Hugo Strasser - Starportrait. Available thanks to Lounge Legends.

One For You, One For Me / Night Fever / If You Can't Give Me Love

Если с другом вышел в путь

Old Gangsters Never Die

Written and animated by Alan Moore and Lloyd Thatcher. Music by The Sinister Ducks.
(Thanks to Mike)

Basin Street Rumble

Blues for the RedBoy shares this Link Wray inspired rumble from the Fab Four of Schuylkill County, PA. Always free picnic tables and parking!

Haunting song

In a previous post i mentioned the song Ekkoleg which is the opening theme from Fernando Arrabal's picture "Viva la muerte". A very haunting song, naive and disturbing. Please do experience that feeling.

I'm in love with Laila!

Did you know she was the first person ever to represent Finland in Eurovision?

¡It's Yenka Time con Dubé y Teresa María!

Everybody's doing the Yenka! Well, OK, maybe it's just a few people doing the Yenka. OK, FINE, absolutely NO ONE is doing the Yenka.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

giallo di notte

listen and download Giallo Di Notte on my blog here

expect to hear: psyche jazz, outraged funk, bongos madness, easy listening bossa, sexual healings and strange sounds...

[shameless self promotion]

Wanda Jackson - My Big Iron Skillet

I never knew Wanda did straight-up country, but this is worthy of Loretta herself.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dan Hicks & his Hot Licks 1972

Handsome Harry the Hipster

Twindowlicker has a whole slough of sides by Harry "Hipster" Gibson, some I've never heard, and I consider myself a big fan.

Stage Presence

Homer Fardwod via Recordo Obscura has some advice on concert etiquette for aspiring musicians, please take heed.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Let's Have a Party!

What better way to celebrate PCL's new look than to throw an old fashioned "Wash Your Duds Party". Apparently the University of Illinois Extension Service thought 1950s era 4-H gals like to get together and whoop it up by happily sorting and laundering. Except for Edna there, who got stuck with the old-timey wringer washer, mind you don't snag any of your protruberences, Edna.

Here at PCL, we don't sort the whites from the colors, all clothing tumbles gently together in a veritable Rainbow Coalition of Laundry. So what if we all end up looking a little pink when it's all over.

Ancient Greek Artifacts

The Greek Beat Back answers the important archaeological question: Did the Greeks have Farfisas c. 1960? The answer is yes, along with other pop tools of the era, and they were put to good use, as evidenced by Kostas Koukoutaras' Apo Pou Kai Pou, The Galaxies Ena koritsi gia Shake, and The Charms' poignant "I'm Sick y'All".

Human Highway

Neil Young, Devo, Dennis Hopper, Russ Tamblyn, Dean Stockwell spend $3,000,00 of Neil's cash on this 1982 "comedy" which defies explanation or reason.
Released in 1995 for VHS consumption, it is an apocalyptic film detailing the last day on earth with the last man standing portrayed by "Booji Boy". I see that copies of it are selling on eBay for mucho dinero.

Found at Last of The Evil Beatniks

Monday, June 14, 2010

Thanks to Ping Pong Junior!

Simon aka Ping Pong Junior! Big thanks for the AWESOME logo!

Me and the whole PCL Elite team are very pleased and happy. That doesn't happen often. ;-)


/Z aka mrdantefontana

Something happened in here

WHAT!!!!! I removed the "brown" background color!?!?!??! Am I stooopid!! Well, perhaps.
New logo???? Ok. It has already been done. Sorry if I stepped on anyones toes. My own feet hurt as hell.

/Z aka mrdantefontana

Laila Kinnunen - In My Imagination

[via patpadua]

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Too many in one car

Picture is the work of Li Wei

Hello dear listeners, following last week show "Too many in a car" is our latest Aperitivo radio show.
Trying to give you advices to make you feel important lost in a crowd.
This week with the help of fake japanease but real french, fuzzy indian spirit, noisy morrocan trad or turkish guitar, various dishes, please have a three course menu.

To our swedish friends:
somewhere in this one hour long program is a song called "Ekkoleg" from the Arrabal picture "Viva la muerte", is it really sung in swedish, if so can some helping hand provide a translation.
If nobody does it is fine too, it is sometimes good to stay in the darkness, it keeps things interesting.

Gruno cigarettes (1940)

El Toro & Les Cyclones

Early music by Jacques Dutronc (at the left) on this EP by El Toro & Les Cyclones, on Bomber Blog.

Big Bertha Band Organ

Big Bertha Band Organ - Big Bertha Band Organ. Available thanks to A Closet of Curiosities.

My Melancholy Baby

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Grim Reaper Wants YOU!

These ran on British TV in the 70s - check the reader comments.

"I'll be back ..." Wait! What's Jimmy Savile doing here?

Les Milady's

I'd always suspected that this song is actually about the perils of heroin addiction, and I think Les Milady's, they of the extraneous apostrophe, seem to agree.

I Cried For You

Now, it's your turn to cry over me!

The King of Scopitones.

La Pachanga

I just love this!!!
(Thanks to Kawentzmann Kahuna for bringing this gem to my attention)

You and the Night and the Music

The Melachrino Strings and Orchestra - You and the Night and the Music. Available thanks to Hooked On Stereophonic.

Clair de Lune

Mallet Magic

Harry Breuer and his Quintet - Mallet Magic (A Study In High Fidelity Sound) available thanks to Schadenfreudian Therapy.


Moonlight On Diamond Head

The Waikikis - Moonlight On Diamond Head is available thanks to TAM TAM & Mélodie.

Yellow Bird

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Dirty Mind of Young Sally

The poster for The Dirty Mind of Young Sally
(via Wrong Side of the Art)

Everthing but ...The Kitchen Cinq

Everyting but ... The Kitchen Cinq. Available thanks to hippy-djkit.


7" Anton LaVey

Anton LaVey - Answer Me/Honolulu Baby, 7" single, available thanks to Revenant Glint.

Honolulu Baby


New comic strip from Kenn Minter.