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Sunday, June 27, 2010

In a Sentimental Mood

"Jazz, a major contribution of black people, may never make a comeback." - Billboard magazine {August 14, 1971}

As of late, I've been posting advertisements featuring the legends of Jazz on my blog. Today's Jazz performers more than likely do not get advertising deals like these any longer.
For jazz festivals, in a brochure? Perhaps.
In major publications on your local news-stands? I doubt it.
And forget about pushing booze.
I am sure many want to stay away from what they are associated with - booze, pills with song.
Once upon a time, they did. Now, not so much.

These ads are as pleasant to look at as it is hearing the music.
Jazz music.
Still, it would nice to see Cassandra Wilson for Doo.Ri.
Tierney Sutton or Dee Dee Bridgewater in a layout in Vogue.
Andy Bey for B.M.W..
Kurt Elling for Hugo Boss.
Diana Krall for Carolina Herrera. Or whatever product they want to sell.
Musicians with actual skills selling products. How cool would this be?
And if I was into it and had the coin, I'd buy whatever they were hawking.
Seeing the parade of idiot-no talent-nobodies on the covers of and in the pages of the magazines I've been flipping through, for the past fifteen years, isn't helping.