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Sunday, June 06, 2010

It's The National Day of Sweden!

Titti Sjöblom - Fröken UR Sång:

Uploaded by MrMelodifestivalen

Bella And Me - Whatever happened to the 7 day Week:

Uploaded by wasaexpress

The Leather Nun - Fly Angels Fly:

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Povel Ramel - Ittma Hohah (Självplågarvisa från Chit'n Pot'n Bah i Indien):

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Sten & Stanley - Tjingalinga:

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Anita Lindblom - Gula paviljongen:

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Mona Wessman - Gå och göm dig Åke Tråk:

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Monica Zetterlund - Tant Fel:

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Calle Schewens Vals (From the movie Äppelkriget):

Uploaded by jmannen77

Thore Skogman & Lill-Babs - Pop i Topp:

Uploaded by swedefirebird70

Brogrens - Räfsa & Rullebör:

Uploaded by ViaLitta

Mats Rådberg & Rankarna - Peta In En Pinne I Brasan:

Uploaded by babehasse

Abba - Waterloo:

Uploaded by kamy876

Tack Sverige - Agnetha Fältskogh


josephzohn said...

Mit diesel is it fulländat :)

Martin Klasch said...

Bravo, Dante. Ha en underbar nationaldag.

baikinange said...

Fortunately for the rest of the globe, the Swedes went for artistic excellence instead of world domination!

Martin Klasch said...

What do we know about "Bella and me"?

mrdantefontana said...

Ange - I do not know about that!

P-E - The only things I know about Bella and Me are that this track was included in Hans Olofsson's Stora Schlagerboken and that it was never released in Sweden!

jayKayEss said...

Has anyone seen the entire "Auntie Wrong" movie with Monica Z? Is this a treasured Swedish classic?

jayKayEss said...

Och hoppas att du hade en bra nationaldag förstås!

I said...

Long live Sweden!!!