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Monday, May 30, 2011

R.I.P. Ricky Bruch

Ricky Bruch and Christina Lindberg.

Jerry 'The Beaver' Mathers - Wind-Up Toy & Don't Cha Cry

We never kiss goodnight... gee, I wonder why?

Don't Cha Cry... when you hear how painful this song is.

Maggie Mae - I'm On Fire

Warning: this will get stuck in your head.

Welfare Cheese

Burning Wood and the mighty, mighty Thelma Records present Emanuel Laskey's ode to government benevolence in this smoker from 1963.

I'm Afraid to Visit the Katzkills

I've found the motherlode of Mickey Katz music--Mickey is my latest passion-- but it comes with a heavy price. Full album side rips, in the dreaded FLAC (better quality audio, blah blah blah), I'll be working one these all day dividing up the tracks and turning them into something iTunes can digest. That I can handle....but downloading THIS tempting morsel  requires the installation of a Russian toolbar. And the Mr. has already  told me he will NOT clean up any resulting viral messes if I do.
Is someone visiting their granny's house and will download this for me on her computer? She really doesn't need to buy any more Quacker Factory outfits online anyway, then you could send it along to me? Yes?

You All Come, Yugos


 Ivo "Tex" Robić and the Yugo Posse Boys (pjesme means posse, right?) extend a neighborly invitation: You All Come! (From Ex Yu Vinyl)

For even older Yugo music, visit their sister blog Ex Yu Stare na 78 Obrtaja.