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Thursday, May 19, 2011

In 2 days we'll all be doomed, dry bones

Harold Camping, the wonderful genius christian radio broadcaster, has decided that we will all die.
Not tomorrow. But on the day after tomorrow, on May 21, 200 Millions will die. Probably in an enormous earthquake.
The rest will die in 6 months.
So, we better turn to Ezekiel! Now.

Now hear the word of the Lord.

Listen to The Delta Rhythm Boys as they are being taught the basic skeletal system:

The Lennon Sisters (and acouple of kids) on The Lawrence Welk Show. Spooky. But if the world is about to armageddon us to bits we better come prepaired and with the right attitude.

Herman Munster is probably the world's first goth-musician. Maybe he has some EMO under his stitched together skin as well? After all he seem like such an awkward kid ... and his haircut is ALL EMO!

The Four Lads had the great honor to be an important part of the last episode of The Prisoner. Confess!

Peter O'Toole knows how to deal with peasants. Crack! Crack! Crack!

Dennis Potter and his Singing Detective is exactly what we need on doomsday!

Fats Waller - Dem Dry Bones

Ruben Willingham & The Supreme Angels - Dry Bones

Albertina Walker & The Caravans - Dry Bones

Bill Black's Combo - Dry Bones

Drivers - Dry Bones Twist

Don Tracy - Dry Bones


Donna Lethal said...

I love that you put the Lennon Sisters clip on here! Someone just posted it on my page.

mrdantefontana said...

I love that clip! But I seem to be stuck with this song in my head until tomorrow ....

Rockin' Jeff said...

Herman Munster's version gets me every time. The man was a musical genius!

glyphjockey said...

That's ALL you could come up with?!?!?!?

splogman said...

I pray that all followers will be cured.