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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Of Bass I Love

A man travels to the jungle for the first time. Off in the distance he hears the sounds of drums playing. Endlessly. Finally he asks a local why the drums never stop playing. The local looks terrified: "You don't want to know what happens when the drumming stops." 
The drumming continues all day and throughout the night. Finally the guy can't stand it anymore and demands, "I gotta know....what is it that's so horrible that happens when the drumming stops?" With fear in his eyes, the local whispers: "Bass solo".

OK, a stupid jazz joke. I understand all about the lack of respect for bass players, I tried to play upright bass in college but quit because my hands are way too small. But I could probably still play along with Louis Jordan's Saturday Night Fish Fry if I got hold of a string bass.

Today's tune is dedicated to all the acoustic bass players.....Ahmad Jamal's "Of Bass I Love".