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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crime: Laugh Getter

I'm sure the crime of "Laugh Getter" was the only thing he was charged with, warping of innocent young brains would be what he got away with scott free. And what do we make of the intimate moment captured below!  Ventriloquist dummy site found by Evan.


Dave said...

I've never found ventriloquists to be entertaining ever. Even the post-ironic ones are stupid

Burk Sauls said...

There's something horrible and weird and ugly about the whole thing... not just the psychological weirdness of a grown man or woman having a conversation with a doll, but the way those things LOOK. They all seem to have the same wide-eyed stare... and the same features and the same floppy, paralyzed bodies. None of them are very artfully crafted, and the rough, asymmetrical dummies who look like they were sculpted out of papier mache are just chilling. Thanks for the nightmares. :)