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Saturday, June 30, 2007

5 Card Nancy

A fun game/means to create zen sequences out of a series of separate Nancy panels. Concept by Scott McCloud. I just finished making a Flash slide show called Sequitur, which was driven by the same panel mashup lust. The presenting site, 741.5 Comics reccomends printing out cards so you can deal individual panels to friends and play in real life. But if you're like me - they have it on line. The "Hall of Fame" is very entertaining - folks played very well what they were dealt.

I don't really like comics other than as cultural artifact. I do kind of drool over Nancy's modular style. The ability to moosh it together to make something is always cool.

If you need panels from Nancy comics, let me help:
Sparkler Comics #91- chock full of Nancy
Yet another Nancy & Sluggo Comic
A Crap Nancy Comic
A complete friggin' Fritzi Ritz
First half and second half of Fritzi ritz 18
Lastly, just for spiritual guidance
Sluggo in Revisiting the Greatest Nancy Panel Ever Drawn

The True Story of "Blind Man's Penis"

I've loved the song poem (that isn't really a song poem) "Peace & Love" (AKA Blind Man's Penis) for a very long time, but didn't know the complete story until I read a reprint of this 1985 article from Spin magazine. Who knew that the original line that inspired the tune was "Stevie Wonder's penis is erect because he's blind" and it was altered by the musicians to avoid a lawsuit?
Listen to the song here: Blind Man's Penis (Peace & Love)

Stayin' Alive

Excrementory Grindfuckers know how to keep it alive. It's not that hard.
First: Learn how to Grind,

Added by Sagnos

Second: Steal a good falsetto song (oldest trick in the book),

Added by lamor666

Wow. That was easy.

Teach In - The Robot

Hi everybody. Appearently Sebastian won't allow me to stop blogging ;-) So brace for some cheesy Dutch video's in the coming period...



Friday, June 29, 2007

You Little Horror!

How useful to be able to learn how to write the phrase "You little horror!" in Mandarin, or teach Chinese how to say it in English. Follow the yellow line so you know to raise the inflection on the "hor".

Chinese flash cards
Originally uploaded by baikinange

Thursday, June 28, 2007


The Five Mountains Not to Climb On (Die fünf unbesteigbaren Berge), 1984. Hazelnut pollen, height: approximately 2 3/4 inches. Collection of the artist.

Re: the above work, the Guggenheim gushes:

"Wolfgang Laib finds spirituality in the simplicity of everyday, organic substances—milk, pollen, beeswax, rice—that provide sustenance or engender life.

Ritual plays a central role in all of Laib's highly reductive art.

During the spring and summer months he collects pollen, including dandelion, hazelnut, pine, buttercup, and moss varieties, from the fields surrounding his home. He displays this laboriously gathered material in simple glass jars or sifts it through sheets of muslin directly onto the floor to create large, square fields of spectacular color. He also molds the brilliantly pigmented dust into cones, as in The Five Mountains Not to Climb On."

Until some Philistine like myself sweeps by in a caftan.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Goon Show

Stop by the Goon Show fan site for downloads, scripts, photos, and more from the granddaddies of British absurdist comedy, whose groundbreaking radio show ran from 1951-60. Then snag some Goon show downloads at Third Island (along with some various music downloads, including cha cha, Sergio Mendes, and Yma Sumac).
Below: an animated version of one of the Goon Show's most popular bits, "What Time is it, Eccles?"

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Compay Gato

Backed by Los Lobos, Tejano bandleader Ruben Ramos blows the place apart with a little number called "Compay Gato".

I'm Sorry

When you've once again forgotten to pick Grandma up from the hospital, or inadvertently passed along an STD, nothing says "I'm Sorry" quite as poignantly as an e-card from Iran Mania. Or show you love them 15 seconds' worth by selecting a special personalized e-greeting for Christmas, birthday, Ramazan, or Eid-Norooz.
Some of the background music you can select includes "Ki Ashkato Pak Minkoneh", "Pol" by Googoosh, and my particular favorite, Dolly Armstrong singing "Hello".

Be sure to visit their sponsors as well, including Thermos, Flowers From Tehran, and (if your legs look like sausage casing filled with rusty nails) Dr. Djazaeri's Vericose Vein clinic.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Listen to Percy Trout tonight!

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I'm still alive.

Though I can't get myself to blog anything. But I see you're doing just fine without me anyway.
I think I kind of blogged myself to somewhere beyond the valley of death.

But as I see it my absence doesn't affect the good stuff content coming your way in anyway.
The PCL Team is stronger than ever.
With or without me.

Hopefully I'll be back later.

Have fun.

/Z aka mrdantefontana

Whitman novelty books (1930s)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Smile and say CHEESY!

This Fun Face camera was bought in the 1970s, but had probably sat in the window of the camera shop I bought it from for considerably longer.
It would probably still take pictures if I hadn't gotten all arty-farty and tried to do multiple exposures in a dark room in rapid succession and broken something.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

1960s Commercial music

There are lots of great vintage ads available hawking the concession stands at Drive-in movies. My favorite part of these ads is the cheesy music.

I've made available a short collection of some of these Production music kitsch classics available for download.....perfect to use as a music bed for editing your own vintage home movies, or just to annoy the others in your car pool.

Thinking of You

"Dearest Mother,
I was passing by the Asylum for Insane Indians, and naturally my thoughts drifted to you."

"You asked me to send a note to Grandma, so I thought a cute animal postcard would bring a little sunshine into her day."

"Next, I'm traveling south for a little sun, fun and vivisection in the Florida Keys at Johnny Brantner's world famous Feshin' Hole in Marathon. Ta ta for now, love to all,


You can share your own collection of hideous postcards at Live Journal's Ugly Postcards group.

Bawdy Sea Shanties

Who doesn't love a rousing bawdy sea chantey? Hell, even Sid Vicious did a version of "Friggin' in the Riggin'", but the best chanteys come from folkie Oscar Brand. Click here and you'll find out from Oscar what Winnipeg whores talk about in their spare time, and meet the family whose dad plies his trade to the guards at Windsor Carstle (hey, it rhymes with....oh, never mind, find out for yourself) and encounter a flatulent floozy who really sends her customers into outer space.

Ma Jun Porcelain

I'm drooling. Found Via Juxtapoz's new bloggish site

Damn! One of you buy me one of these!! I NEED it!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Juice Boots

OJ wasn't always wearing Bruno Magli.......

Link to original post (& larger image) at picture above & HERE


Captain Beefheart - Lick My Decals Off, Baby (advertisement)

The banned advertisement for Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band's album Lick My Decals Off, Baby (1970, Straight RS 6420).

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Damned Spot

Read the book review here.

Bob's World Of Liberace

It would be enough that Liberace made a cameo appearance as a casket salesman in the fabulous 1965 black comedy "The Loved One", but on top of that, Liberace was.....well.....LIBERACE. And he inspired a veritable plethora of kitsch crap that I love madly. Like this dish towel.

Or these snappy socks.

Or this mask, even though it more resembles Zeppo Marx than Libbo.

Maybe best of all.....this ever-so-useful nut warmer ( I kid you not).

I love Bob's World of Liberace.

Asian Market Finds

Percy Trout's flea market finds below reminded me of the fine china item I photographed at my local multi-cultural supermarket a while back. They were having a special exhibition of fine Asian pottery--colorful platters, laughing Buddhas, giant vases so large you could have hid Anne Frank's whole family in. And this lovely tchotchke (with a $100 price tag on it)that defies description.

Maybe we should call it a draw here, Trout....things could get awfully ugly if we start a kitsch duel.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Flea Market Photos

Car Radio Jerome

Direct Waves has the 2 albums by Ron 'Pate's Debonaires featuring the Rev. Fred Lane available for download. I can't even begin to express how much I love Car Radio Jerome, ever since I discovered it in the late 80s or early 90s. So many great moments--the twisted children's song "French Toast Man" encourages you to "evacuate your bowels, have a hot lunch, and don't be late for school". The spicy spaghetti-Western goodness of "Man With the Foldback Ears". A couple of delightfully bad Elvis impersonations, including one that ends with the singer imploding from the sheer depth of his emotion. And the great ensemble work on the tale of a carnival geek in the title track.
The Rev. Fred Lane is T. R. Reed, who now seems to spend his time creating windsculptures and whirligigs (such as Rickshaw To Go, seen below) rather than make music that changes people's entire lives.

For the love of God, Reverend, get back in the studio!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

One Million Years B.C.

Let's Stay Indoors

Between the heat, mosquitoes, and—might I be frank?--crowds of the Great Unwashed precariously nearby, the upcoming Fourth of July celebrations hold little appeal. This year I’m enjoying my celebration with a select few in the privacy and air conditioned comfort of my own home, with help from this fabulous array of indoor fireworks.

And please, put a coaster down first, if you’re going to deploy the “Erupting Lava” on the antique burl maple table.

(Courtesy of the Fireworks Museum)

Ghost Ads and Wall Dogs

"Ghost ads" are the remnants of advertising signs once painted on the sides of brick walls by tradesmen known as "wall dogs". Many of these urban treasures can be hidden for decades, only to be revealed by the demolition of an adjoining building.

Forgotten NY provides an interesting look at ghost ads in the Big Apple, though sadly, some other parts of the site seem to be unavailable.

Update: Frank jump informs us:

Young & Schmuck belongs to Frank Jump not Forgotten-NY.

Sorry about uncorrect crediting.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Listen to Percy Trout tonite!

the Percy Trout hour

from all over the Globe!

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from 8pm to 10pm EST-USA.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Learn to Mount Birds and Animals

It's fun, it's recycling, and in these challenging times, great career potential.

Or if formal education at accredited institutions is not your "bag", then follow some easy "do-it-yourself" advice from Flickr user "Bumpoo Willie" in the Taxidermy group.
i think it's easier than a lot of people make out. i, for example, have taxidermised several small animals, and have a couple of dozen items of roadkill in my freezer. i do all my work in my kitchen with a standard penknife.

1. flay the creature's skin from it's flesh.

2. rub a bit of vodka on it to clean it, and help to stop it rotting.

3. using some scrunched up pieces of newspaper, cram the skin of the animal until taut.

4. superglue the incision closed.

5. pose and staple feet to a wooden base.

6. enjoy.