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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm Sorry

When you've once again forgotten to pick Grandma up from the hospital, or inadvertently passed along an STD, nothing says "I'm Sorry" quite as poignantly as an e-card from Iran Mania. Or show you love them 15 seconds' worth by selecting a special personalized e-greeting for Christmas, birthday, Ramazan, or Eid-Norooz.
Some of the background music you can select includes "Ki Ashkato Pak Minkoneh", "Pol" by Googoosh, and my particular favorite, Dolly Armstrong singing "Hello".

Be sure to visit their sponsors as well, including Thermos, Flowers From Tehran, and (if your legs look like sausage casing filled with rusty nails) Dr. Djazaeri's Vericose Vein clinic.