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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Diaper Trouble

The career of Portuguese singer Madalena Iglésias was flyin’ high in the late sixties.
Her performance of “Ele e Ela” (which apparently translates to “It and It”) in Eurovision 1966 earned her a whopping total of 6 points, giving Portugal bragging rights of 13th place.

Then in 1967 the burgeoning Lisbon film industry beckoned, and Madalena was tapped to star in the musical comedy “Sarilho de Fraldas” (Diaper Trouble).

Her co-star António Calvário warrants a whole paragraph on a site entitled PORTUGUESES IRRITANTES (I don't think I need Google translator to figure out the gist of the blog).
You can judge just how irritating he was by downloading side one of the soundtrack to Diaper Trouble.

This photo from the album cover shows them proudly displaying an award, possibly the Portuguese Teen Spirit award or something.