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Saturday, June 30, 2007

5 Card Nancy

A fun game/means to create zen sequences out of a series of separate Nancy panels. Concept by Scott McCloud. I just finished making a Flash slide show called Sequitur, which was driven by the same panel mashup lust. The presenting site, 741.5 Comics reccomends printing out cards so you can deal individual panels to friends and play in real life. But if you're like me - they have it on line. The "Hall of Fame" is very entertaining - folks played very well what they were dealt.

I don't really like comics other than as cultural artifact. I do kind of drool over Nancy's modular style. The ability to moosh it together to make something is always cool.

If you need panels from Nancy comics, let me help:
Sparkler Comics #91- chock full of Nancy
Yet another Nancy & Sluggo Comic
A Crap Nancy Comic
A complete friggin' Fritzi Ritz
First half and second half of Fritzi ritz 18
Lastly, just for spiritual guidance
Sluggo in Revisiting the Greatest Nancy Panel Ever Drawn