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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

21st Century Curio Cabinet

In the introduction to his online curio site, curator Ben Osto says, “The Web Wunderkammer is meant to be an online version of the 19th century “Cabinet of Curiosities”. Small collections and museums of oddities created and maintained by individual collectors was a movement beginning in the 1700s, which then rose to popularity during the 1800s.”

Osto updates the concept to include such oddities as Robotic jellyfish, a woven bag from New Guinea decorated with dried pigs scrotums, a sock doll made by Charles Manson, a photo of Wink Martindale’s Chihuahua Olivia Newton Martindale, square dancing chipmunk taxidermy, and Napoleon’s coat hangar.

If there is a unifying theme between these objects, it eludes me, except that I want to be curator of this museum. Or at least buy the t-shirt from the gift shop.
The collection includes donations from Duplex Planet publisher David Greenburger, Zippy the Pinhead artist Bill Griffith, Andre Codrescu, the Roadside America guys, and a man who collects paintings of salmon steaks.