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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sex o Rama

I can't imagine that this album could really cause any magic to happen, it just gave me the giggles. Raunchy sax music and breathy babe vocals, really? And if she has three faces and two left hands, where are all the extra boobs?


C'est si Bon - Armand Migiani and Couroyer

Phillip Morris in SPAAAAACE!

80's training film from Phillip Morris.

Originally posted here: http://www.archive.org/details/tobacco_dwp23e00

Danish Sharks heating things up in Villa Vennely

The Danish Sharks warming up the guests of Villa Vennely, Home of Copenhagen Call Girls.

If I Were a Rich Man I would Have No Reason to Play the Sitar

Well maybe I was a mite cranky when I wrote the post below, but now just one song has turned my frown upside-down into a more comfortable mocking sneer. Nothing like a Tijuana Brass-esque version of If I Were a Rich Man, with tuba and sitar solo by Lord Sitar himself to start the day off right. Daydream Believer and I Can See For Miles, too!

Here's one for All the Teens

I don't know if Les Baxter was hoping that adding "teen" in the album title would put this on the jukebox playlists of soda shops and other teen hangouts, but really it's typical Baxter meandering wankitude of self-indulgent percussion solos--including the first 2 minutes of the promisingly titled "Uncle Tom Tom"--spritely flutes, guitars, and marimbas that sort of vamp until the sound engineer fades out. What can I say, my head was turned by song titles like "ooch-i-Baba" and "ting ting ting".

The Jet Benny Show.

A "Star Wars" spoof starring a bad Jack Benny impersonator. My ex-wife turned me on to this one years ago, but I won't hold that against the film.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Mudflap Girl Was Real

Perhaps from a slightly mainstream source for this crowd, but read about it in WIRED - cool!
P.S.: could be apocryphal but who cares?

The Amazing Mr. No Legs!

"Dont Cross Him Or He'll Cut You Down To Size."

Mr. No Legs

(Thanks to Darlene)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Toni's story. What's yours?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Momma Loves Tequila"

"Fun-as-hell PSYCHO-DELIC FUNK by a family weaned on Hendrix, James Brown and booze. Imagine if the Jackson 5 were suckin’ on blotter & rye rather than lollipops & thousand dollar bills."

Dude Behind The Record Counter has been sharing some "rad shit". Dig it.

Jr. and His Soulettes

Galeria of Failed Dance Crazes: Do the Napoleon!

Napoleon XIV sheds his straitjacket and hits the dance floor, to lead this failed dance craze from his album "They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha Haaa!"

x-ray spex identity 1978 video complete

X-Ray Spex... Identity (Flash Video 02:18). RIP: Poly Styrene.

Watusi Bongos

It's been a few years since Mr. D introduced us to the magic of Preston Epps and his Bongo Boogie. Way too long for a sloppy seconds, as far as I'm concerned.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Les Hou-Lops: Batman

Monday, April 25, 2011

Listen to the Percy Trout hour tonight!

the Percy Trout hour:

Monday Night (4-25-11)
8pm to 10pm EST-USA

WRFL 88.1fm
Lexington, KY


Bernadette Soubirou et ses Apparitions - Rien de rien + J'arrête demain

From the album: Je vous salis ma rue (1991)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tom Lehrer - The Vatican Rag

Recording date: September 11th 1967 by The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

Saturday, April 23, 2011

GO!GO!7188 - Cutie Honey

GO!GO!7188... Cutie Honey (Flash Video 04:18). Club Quattro, 08.27.2002.

Jean Yanne & Michel Magne - Symphonie Ciné qua non (1972)

tequila & shish kebab

Available for your next exotic party at Variété Underground

Mardi Gras Cruise in the WHEEEEE hours

Recordo Obscura offers the sounds of cruise life circa 1970, on the souvenir record Golden Memories of Your Mardi Gras Cruise,  including the trip to the "party for unattached people", the rimshot patter from the Cruise Director, "person to person Bingo", the sonorous tones of lounge act Bob Sullivan, and oodles of other moments that will make you glad to be a landlubber.

We Love You Body and Soul

Friday, April 22, 2011

Ross and Mulligan

Annie Ross chose some great company to perform on her first solo album after leaving legendary trio Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross--Gerry Mulligan, Art Farmer, and Chet Baker. Nice stuff.

Re-upped Tomato

The link has expired from the first time I posted this album on this blog in 2007, but fortunately you can get this great album with saucy calypso by The Charmer, Lord Kitchener, and the Duke of Iron at listentoyourears.

Duke of Iron - Parakeets

One fer all yew got-dang freaks

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mon Coeur Fait Boum

or, "What's he doing here?"

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hi-Girls by Michel Legrand

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pointy Shoes

COWBOYS INTERNATIONAL Useta love 'em - great pop group. Every song should been a hit, but none were.

Beware the Tivvy

Tivvy may seem like a friendly little bird, and be offering you mountains of ice cream, waterfalls of lemonade, and a bit of fun, eh-- but you'd best keep your distance.

Tivvy's tune from Lord of the Boot Sale or Forgotten Vinyl,  image found here.

Es el "Bicycle"

Americans have their love songs to their cars, the Spanish love their bicycles. At least in this sixties era tune by The Rocking Boys. 

Put a Tiger in Your Tank

An aspect-ratio challenged look at London's Carnaby street in the sixties. 

Seeco Sampler

I enjoyed this Around the World for American Philistines via Seeco compilation posted recently by Thrift Store DJ in all its scratchy glory.  
My favorite cut is the faux Parisian "Grands Boulevards" which starts off with an appropriately Frenchy accordion but soon drifts into "In the Mood" before it remembers why it's there and reverts back to other more Gallic music. Actually there are better cuts from Puerto Rico, Bogota, and Rio, but I would lose the reputation I've been trying to build for years if I started posting good music.

Grands Boulevards

Monday, April 18, 2011


Jayne Mansfield bist kein Snicksnack-Snuckelchen!

But poor little me is becoming a little seasick here watching this. Those big waves are all over the place. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Come take up your Hats, and away let us haste/ To the Butterfly's Ball, and the Grasshopper's Feast

One might think that a 19th century poem by a British historian and abolitionist (and a 1973 best-selling children's book) would be strange source material for a progish concept album by then recently-departed from Deep Purple's Roger Glover.

Even stranger would be the decision to film a one-off live performance (with Glover, Vincent Price, Twiggy, Ian Gillan, et al.) with in some live action filmed bits with actors in poorly-made animal costumes and animation thrown in.

The 1976 film was directed, produced and co-written by Tony Klinger (producer of The Kids Are Alright and director of Deep Purple Rises Over Japan).

Via crazedigitalmovies2.

Sad Truth

My nomination for the best Bob Dylan imitation by a 1960s Chilean band goes to......Los Jockers (really? not Los Jokers?) for their visceral and heartfelt rendition of  Triste Realidad. You dragged it out of me, I don't like Dylan at all, except for "If Dogs Run Free".

Bob & Annetta Glickman - FAME

Billed as "the duo with the 5-piece sound", these performers from Orlando, Florida are definitely one of many who inspired those wacky guys and gals from SCTV. Not sure of the release date, but it must be very early 80s given that they recorded "Fame". The rest of the LP consists of older material, but also includes "The Gambler". They bear a strikingly odd resemblance to Ed Begley, Jr. and Andrea Martin which just add to the fun of it all. What they lack in talent, they make up for with sheer sass! You will have the chorus of - "REMEMBAH!, REMEMBAH!, REMEMBAH! ..." lodged into your brain for the next few weeks. I apologize in advance for this post.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Pancho Lopez"

Pancho Lopez? Davy Crockett? Different strokes for different folks.

A Spritely Dschinghis Khan

Hip hooray, it's almost time for Eurovision, so let's pay tribute to Eurovisionaries gone by with this 1981 cover of Dschinghis Khan by the Thai group the Royal Sprites.

Do You Brush Your Teeth?

Belgian Marie Marie encourages proper dental hygiene in this 1980 French EP. I prefer gnawing on a Nylabone, myself.


Why those pandering bast-awwwwwwww - Jingle Bells! In April, no less!

Friday, April 15, 2011

For the Photo Buffs ...

Weekend Reading

I Want To Hold Your Hand?

La,lalala, lalalalala, lalalalala, la, lalala, lalalala, lalalalalala. Lalalalalalala, lalalalala.
Lalalalalalalalala...lala. Lalalalalalalala...lalala..lalala..lalala...

(Repeat First Verse)

via: MrBeatlesCover's

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wing is back in black

Wing Han Tsang covers AC/DCs "Back In Black" in her characteristic way. Live in Wellington!

(Via Mr. Dante Fontana's Audio-Visual Guidance 3.0)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let's celebrate Tiny Tim 1932-1996

It's Tiny Tim's birthday. Let's go on over to the other side for a big psychedelic party with Tiny and the kids!


Thank you to Funky Junk Trunk for finding this dandy record sleeve which led me to the equally fabulous tune by Svetlana Miljuš. Start those balls swinging!

Post 8000: multimillionaire du disque

From the only French accordionist who could pass for a country star, it's YVETTE HORNER and her magical squeezebox.

Petit Bonheur:

This is Post 8,000 on PCL.....

The Ookpik Song!

Perhaps you recall this post from a few days ago in which I pondered the meaning of life, oh, and asked if anyone had a copy of the Ookpik song, a tune penned in honor of the owlish mascot created for the Canadian government circa 1965. Since I have had no responses to date, either no one had one or the ones who did are major dillweeds,  so......at great personal financial and emotional sacrifice ($5, and having to deal with Canadian record dealers, respectively) I now present.....The Ookpik Song by The Romeos!

For more about why Canada may have abandoned the ookpiks, click here. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Yo! Yo! Yo! We got some cabernet - You gotta check it out, it's gonna blow you away.

I just found this on my daily yodel-video-hunting routine.

Sounds Like Swingin' To Me Too, Garry

The Happy Elephant from Sounds Like Swingin' - Garry Blake:

Listen to the Percy Trout hour tonight!

the Percy Trout hour:

Monday Night (4-11-11)
8pm to 10pm EST-USA

WRFL 88.1fm
Lexington, KY


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Zoom Bye Bye


Crisco + sugar + food color = Magic

Found here

Sunset House Catalogue (1964)

Love and everything else too!!!

Karswell has a great eye for retro cool and whimsy. Flipping out on this recent share of the Sunset House mail order catalogue from 1964. This stuff would've been right in my wheel house as an 8 year old in '64.

The "Blinki-Tron"??
Head over there now for much more!

Jitterbug Fashion Parade

Jitterbug Fashion Parade - Amos Milburn via BeBop Wino


From ATTCHORT!!!!!

C'est Si Bon

Conway with a little international flair.

record envelope

A reference for vinyl geeks and graphic artists. Ms Kavel Rafferty's collection of company sleeves. http://crossedcombs.typepad.com/recordenvelope/

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Clases de Cha Cha cha

The Request Records label started my passion for calypso and cha cha many years ago. I had this cha cha album on cassette and practically wore it out. I almost didn't recognize it not coming out of tinny car speakers.

You can almost taste the sweat ....